From Cardio To Culinary Delight: Masaba Gupta’s Morning Routine
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Masaba Gupta, apart from being a celebrated fashion designer, is a die-hard food lover. Yet, beyond the glitz of runway shows and fabric swatches, she finds simple joy in savoring delightful breakfasts. Recently, Masaba shared a glimpse into her morning routine, which intriguingly combines physical fitness with a nourishing start to the day.

Before a session of early morning cardio, Masaba treats herself to what she calls an "old-school breakfast." This isn't just any breakfast; it's a plate of crispy, golden-brown French toast brimming with innovation and comfort.

Protein-rich Breakfast: Omelette-Filled French Toast

Masaba’s French toast goes beyond the traditional. The omelette filling, which contains finely chopped vegetables to add texture and flavour, perfectly balances the dish's crispy edges and soft, fluffy centres. You can add a layer of fresh spinach on top, to make the eggy bread more delicious with the freshness of the greens.

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An Inspiring Selection of French Toast Recipes

For those inspired by Masaba's choice of breakfast, here are some unique French toast recipes that promise to bring a delightful start to any day:

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1. Banana Foster French Toast

This version begins with a standard French toast batter mixed with eggs, milk, flour, and sugar. Bread slices are layered with hazelnut spread and sliced bananas, then sandwiched and dipped in the batter. Fried in butter and garnished with almonds, hazelnuts, more bananas, caramel sauce, and chocolate chips, this dish is a sweet treat.

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2. Chocolate French Toast

Chocolate French toast can also rock your breakfast recipe. A batter of cocoa powder, milk, salt, eggs, and sugar creates the base for chocolate lovers. Soak the bread, fry until golden brown, and top with chocolate spread and fresh berries for a decadent breakfast.

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3.  French Toast with Peanut Butter

Prepare by whisking eggs with vanilla extract, cinnamon, and milk. Spread peanut butter on the bread, dip in the egg mixture, and fry in a buttered pan. This rich and nutty French toast is best served with berries, banana slices, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

4. Tiramisu French Toast

A luxurious option featuring a mix of eggs, almond milk, organic stevia, and a shot of coffee. Bread slices soaked in this mixture are perfectly cooked and served with honey, coconut yogurt, additional coffee, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

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5. Simple French Toast

For those preferring simplicity, bread dipped in a concoction of spices, egg, sugar, cream, juice, and rind, then fried in butter until crispy, creates the classic French toast. Following its topping of icing sugar and fresh fruits, it remains a timeless favorite.

So, whether it’s fibre-rich or protein-rich dishes, what’s your favourite breakfast option?