Masaba Gupta Welcomes Summer With Her ‘Aam On Toast’ Recipe

As the sun scorches above our heads in the summer, what makes everyone in India feel better is that mango season has arrived. Sharing the excitement of the aam junta (pun intended), Masaba Gupta shared her way of relishing the summer fruit, on social media. In the video she posted, the fashion designer referred to tasting the first mango of the season as an ‘important day’, and went on to talk about the aam on toast which she relishes every summer. Dressed to the nines, Gupta was seated on a couch, while she demonstrated the assembly of her summer treat step-by-step.

Establishing at the beginning of her demo that it was in no way healthy but satisfying nevertheless, she emphasised on using good old white bread that is packed with gluten to use for toasting. After this, she uses a ‘generous’ dollop of butter to spread on the toasted slices, before placing one half of ripe mango on each of the slices. A quick display of the assembled toast to the camera is followed by Masaba taking a hearty bite of her creation and feeling appreciative of the moment.

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This odd but seemingly delicious recipe was met with some funny reactions as well as her famous friends making suggestions about how to elevate the toast or what she should make next. While Sonam Kapoor was of the belief that adding some chocolate spread would make it even better, her dear friend and famed pastry chef, Pooja Dhingra demanded that the designer make a biscuit cake in her next video. Captioning the light-hearted video Masaba said, “Haters will say this reel is pointless but have you ever had Aam on Toast!? Enjoyed making this reel toooo much. Life is Mango and Mango is Life.” Some friends and fans, including Rhea Kapoor, were highly amused about how Masaba appeared fully dressed for the video, to which the designer responded saying that ‘working in fashion’ made her delusional. Share with us in the comments what your favourite type of mango is and what treats you enjoy making with them.