Ever Tried Aam Pora? Bengal’s Aam Panna Drink But With A Twist
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Are you also struggling to decide whether or not you want to switch on the fan or AC already? Sure, we did pray for winter to end sooner, but for the temperature to soar up so high, so soon, did come as a surprise. India is a tropical country, and this is not something new, yet it takes time adjusting, right?  

Thankfully, every region of India offers a selection of beverages that can more than quench your thirst. Made with seasonal fruits, berries or herbs, these traditional summer coolers continue to hold their own, despite the modern, sophisticated summer coolers. One such drink Bengalis swear by is Aam Pora. For the uninitiated, the word ‘Pora’ means ‘burnt’ in Bengali. What good addition can a ‘burnt mango’ be in a drink? Ask those who can guzzle 4-5 glasses of Aam Pora in a day without stopping.

Aam Pora can be called the Bengali cousin of the Aam Panna. To make Aam Pora, green mangoes are first roasted, and then peeled. This roasting gives mango a delicious smoky flavour which complements its inherent tangy flavour. The peeled mangoes are then blended into a pulp and the pulp is mixed with water, sugar and black pepper powder and black salt.  

This is of course a basic recipe of Aam Pora. The Aam Pora you find on the streets have a different story to tell. They have a striking green colour, and the way these vendors mix it using a mug and a glass, with most of the liquid suspended in air, like a thin ribbon, it is surely a vision.  

This Aam Pora is served in a glass. One of the first few things to go inside is black salt, sugar syrup, lemon juice, jaljeera powder, mint water, masala, ‘pora aam’ or roasted, blended puree of raw mangoes that have been mixed with water. It is mixed together nicely before it is served chilled.    

Think you can recreate the street-style magic at home? Do let us know. If you want a simpler recipe to try today, we have got something that you will love.

With the mango season upon us, there cannot be a better way to kickstart your day. You can add or eliminate masalas and other trimmings depending upon your choices and preferences. Do try to serve it chilled for the best experience.