Masaba Gupta ‘Swears By’ This Post-Diwali Detox Plan
Image Credit: Masaba Gupta/Instagram, The designer cum actor shares her go-to diet plan post festive season.

After loading up on sweets and snacks during Diwali, it is natural that most of us are now looking for ways to detox and get back on track. Fashion designer Masaba Gupta seems to have a post-Diwali recovery plan in place already. She recently shared an update on social media, detailing what she’ll be eating through the week to regain her energy and get back to her healthy regime.

Masaba is quite a foodie which makes it obvious that she indulged in hearty and rich delights during the festive season. However, now that the festivities are over, it is time to fix the disrupted diet plan. She took to her Instagram stories to share a detailed recovery plan that she is going to follow, based on what suits her body. She even added a disclaimer that this “works/has worked for me”, but everyone should suit their preferences.

She began with a picture of a plate of cucumber and a glass of water and put up a poll, asking if people would judge her if she shared a post-Diwali recovery plan on Instagram. Next, we see an elaborate list of the things she’d include in her routine. Captioning it as #masabaswearsby, she talks about how she’s practising intermittent fasting along with 1 litre of water as she wakes and 3 litres in a day. This was followed by oil pulling with sesame oil and haldi water gargle and eucalyptus oil steam. Finally, she did some yoga to stretch and move her body.

After this, she shares the recipe of her de-bloat and digestive tea that she swears by. It included jeera, coriander, saunf, cardamom, ajwain, and water and she recommends drinking it on an “empty stomach and before meals throughout the day”. The diet plan doesn’t end here. We see her lunch plate on the stories next. It consists of sukhi dal, tendli, lal saag, buckwheat methi roti for a “light and healthy lunch” and warns her followers that there should be no second helpings.

She even adds a motivational quote on this story that reads, “If food has seen your downfall-Let food, not starvation, be your medicine”. As the sunsets and it’s evening, she posts her healthy snacking idea that comprises kurmura with chana and peanuts, along with a tall glass of chilled collagen to solve the 5 pm hunger pangs. We reach the “finale”, as she calls for a simple dinner that is all about hara bhara kebab with sriracha and Greek Yoghurt dip. So, would you like to give this diet plan a shot?