5 Teas to Drink After A Heavy Meal To Help You Detoxify
Image Credit: Unsplash

We are all accustomed to eating basic home-cooked meals. Our regular meals normally consist of simple roti, a sabzi, and dal with rice. Because we consume this every day, our bodies have become acclimated to it. But every time we eat something from outside, we feel heavy and bloated. This is primarily due to the fact that the outside food is cooked with a lot of butter, oil, and masalas, which causes us to feel gassy. So, if this is something you experience, detox drinks may assist to alleviate your symptoms. Detox beverages are known to keep your body light and wipe out pollutants. Here are a few detox teas to drink after a heavy meal.

1. Ajwain Tea

Ajwain, commonly known as carom seeds, is an extremely effective detoxifier. Ajwain seeds are also proven to help in stress relief. It also aids in weight loss and provides quick relief from gas and indigestion. Simply boil some ajwain seeds in a cup of water, and you're done.

2. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint contains vitamin C, which supports your body's overall immune system and helps keep infections and viruses away naturally. The manganese in peppermint fights free radicals in your body and helps neutralise them. It has a pleasant flavour that you should experience.

3. Tulsi Tea

Tulsi leaves are known to increase metabolism. Tulsi tea and leaves are powerful natural detoxifiers. The strong herb purifies and cleanses your body of all toxins. This tea can be made using both dried and fresh Tulsi leaf extract.

4. Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea

This tea is an excellent cure for a cold and sore throat. Ginger and honey give flavour to this hearty drink, while honey adds a touch of sweetness. The honey-lemon-ginger tea is another option for a morning drink.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger is an excellent detoxifying ingredient due to its numerous cleaning properties. All you have to do is combine grated ginger and hot water. Cardamom can be added to ginger tea to enhance its flavour.

So, the next time you feel bloated after eating, try one of these detox teas.