Masaba Gupta Loves This Healthy Guacamole Toast; Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Instagram: @masabagupta

Masaba Gupta, the popular fashion designer who has also starred in the Netflix series Masaba Masaba, is not just known for her well-curated designs. She is an acclaimed foodie who, every once in a while, shares what she is eating. Be it a nutritious home-cooked meal or a famous dish while she’s travelling, she never shies away from keeping her fans a peek at her plate.

Recently, the mom-to-be fashion icon shared a healthy breakfast recipe on her Instagram handle. Knowing her pregnancy cravings to be “all things healthy,” from a recent Instagram story, it is not a surprise for a guacamole toast to please her palette. Read on to learn the Indian designer’s healthy recipe.

As per the recent Instagram story of the toast shared by Masaba Gupta, which reads, “A very important announcement,” it is sure that she loves it fondly. To make the Masaba-special guacamole toast, you’ll need a freshly baked pav. Yes, the Bollywood icon specified in her Instagram story about using a pav, not bread. You can then toast it a little and make it warm and a bit crispy. 

Then, you can make guacamole by taking a ripe avocado. Mash it and mix it with chopped vegetables of your choice, like onions or tomatoes. By whisking in your go-to spices and a squeeze of meon juice, the guacamole will be ready. Next, spread the prepared guacamole on the roasted pav. Drizzle some hot honey infused with Thai chillies, and your healthy toast will be ready to savour. Masaba Gupta liked it so much that she posted that she captions the picture with “What else we here for?” Why don’t you try out the recipe and have a healthy snack as well?