Masaba Gupta Earned Her Mac And Cheese!
Image Credit: Masaba Gupta/Instagram, The designer is a hard-core foodie.

Staying in shape is not limited to actors alone. Maintaining a fit physique is imperative for those in the spotlight, including directors, choreographers, and fashion designers. Masaba Gupta is among those who follow a routine of "eat, burn, and repeat." As a self-proclaimed foodie, it is understandable that giving up her favourite foods would be a challenge.

Masaba seems to have resorted to classical conditioning to indulge in her favourite foods. She recently shared an Instagram story featuring a bowl of mac and cheese, a dish that combines elbow-shaped pasta with copious amounts of cheese, baked to perfection. In the caption, she wrote, "I will never have abs, and it’s ok".

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Masaba Gupta

In the next story, she poses for a mirror selfie and says, "I walked from Juhu to Bandra yesterday to earn my mac and cheese, and I highly recommend it if you’re ok with stepping into *poop emoji* and vomit for your carbs and sweet bod." A hint of mockery at the plight of the roads and paths in Mumbai while motivating people to step out and walk as a form of exercise is quite interesting. The celebrity designer rewarded her long walk with a bowl of mac and cheese, and we think she totally deserved it.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Masaba Gupta

But what is her favourite food? Vada pav. She loves this spicy and crispy Mumbai snack, and her mother, Neena, even made it for her for breakfast one day. That day she spoke like a true foodie when she said, "You have to eat two together otherwise the universe gets upset".