Masaba Gupta Binges On Cruffins Over The Weekend; 4 Cruffin Recipes For You To Try

If you have been following Indian celebrities for their fitness and diet tips, you must be aware of Masaba Gupta’s Instagram posts about her lifestyle habits. The celebrity designer is often approached by fitness enthusiasts for wellness tips. She is usually seen taking to her Instagram handle to share about her personal habits along with some dietary suggestions. 

The designer’s sustainable diet tips have made netizens fall head over heels in love with her. In her recent Instagram story, she posted a picture of her weekend indulgence. The designer was seen savouring a crunchy and decadent cruffin topped with a creamy layer of dark chocolate. The sweet treat looked so indulgent that even I couldn’t resist and got myself a sweet treat from a nearby bakery.

For the unversed, cruffin is a crispy, flaky and buttery delight and is a cross between a croissant and a muffin. It is believed to have been invented by Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. Are you tempted enough to savour this sweet treat yourself? Here are three cruffin recipes that we have in store for you.

1. Tiramisu Cruffin

Filled with the essence of tiramisu, these cruffins will surely make you ask for more. Needless to say, the flavours are to die for and the texture of the cruffin makes it a delightful affair.

2. Almond And Raspberry Cruffin

Indulge in a berry-licious dessert with this almond and raspberry cruffin recipe. The cruffins are flavourful, flaky, crispy and perfect to be savoured any time of the day.

3. Sweet Potato And Ham Scruffin Bites

How much hybrid food is too much hybrid food? Combining two of our classic favourite - scrolls and cruffin, this dessert is a treat to your eyes and palate as well. The bite-sized savoury delights are delicious, have an interesting texture and are perfect for snacking.

Do try these cruffin recipes at home and let us know how they made you drool.