Beat The Heat With These 9 Refreshing Ice Gola Flavours

Ice gola is important in the summer because it's a cool and refreshing way to escape the heat. It provides immediate relief and hydration because of its chilly texture and fruit flavour. Ice gola is prepared from ice shavings that are obtained by shaving a large block of ice manually or with a hand-held ice shaver. The shaved ice is packed tightly into a cylindrical or conical shape using a gola maker or ice mould. 

Then, a wooden stick or ice cream stick is inserted into the centre of the moulded ice as a handle for holding and eating the ice gola. Once the ice is moulded and the stick is inserted, the flavoured syrup is poured generously over the ice gola to add sweetness and flavour to the block of ice shavings. To further accommodate a range of palates, ice gola is available in a number of flavours, including mango, rose, lemon, kala khatta, and more. Ice gola is a delightful treat that is exciting and enjoyed by people of all ages. Throughout India, people love eating ice gola throughout the summer because of its accessibility, affordability, and ability to ward off the intense heat.

The following is a list of different types of ice gola flavours:

1. Mango: 

Ice gola's mango flavour is lively and invigorating, with the taste of ripe mangoes and a hint of tanginess and sweetness. Mango ice gola usually has a vivid yellow-orange colour that is similar to the colour of mango pulp in its natural state. Ripe mangoes are blended with sugar and water to reduce on medium heat and make a thick syrup in order to extract the flavour. The delectable mango-flavoured ice gola is then made by pouring this syrup over crushed or shaved ice.

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2. Rose: 

A lovely dessert, rose-flavoured ice gola is renowned for its delightful pink colour and pleasant taste. Rose petals are steeped or distilled to extract their flavour, which is then concentrated into a fragrant syrup with sugar and water. After that, this syrup is poured over crushed or shaved ice to create a refreshing and fragrant dessert. Because of its flavour and aesthetic appeal, rose ice gola is a popular choice. The pink hue contributes to its visual appeal.

3. Orange: 

Ice Gola's orange flavour perfectly captures the essence of fresh oranges, making it lively and pleasant. Usually, natural products like orange juice or pure orange syrup are used to extract the colour. This vivid colour enhances the ice gola's allure, drawing people in with its eye-catching and delicious appearance. Oranges have a tangy-sweet flavour that goes well with the icy texture, making them a popular option for anyone looking for something zesty and refreshing.

4. Kala Khatta: 

The well-liked ice gola flavour Kala Khatta is distinguished by its tart flavour and rich purple colour. Usually, the juice of black grapes is used to extract the flavour, which is then combined with sugar and perhaps a small amount of lemon juice for acidity. A favourite delicacy on hot summer days, the vivid and invigorating Kala Khatta ice gola is made by pouring the resultant syrup over shaved ice.

5. Kachchi Khairi: 

In India, kachchi khairi, or raw mango, is a well-liked ice gola flavour. It tastes tart and cool, making it ideal for summertime heat waves. Usually bright green or yellow in hue, Kachchi Khairi ice gola is similar to the unprocessed colour of raw mangoes. To produce the ice gola, ripe raw mango pulp is blended with sugar and water to extract flavour. The resulting tasty syrup is then poured over shaved ice.

6. Khus: 

Khus, sometimes referred to as vetiver, is a fragrant grass that gives ice gola a distinct and revitalising flavour. It has a taste that is refreshing and suggestive of earthy and floral elements. Khus is used to make ice gola syrup, which is usually green in colour, much like the grass itself. The grass is soaked, crushed, and strained to extract the essence of the khus flavour, which is combined with sugar syrup to make the syrup for ice gola.

7. Ganga Jamuna: 

Jamuna Ganga The unusual taste combination is usually found at Indian street food stalls that sell gola. The unique flavour combination of orange and sweet lime makes for a Ganga-Jamuna Ice Gola. The ice gola vendor uses orange- and yellow-coloured syrups that are artificially coloured and flavoured with these two fruit essences to produce this flavour. Drizzled over shaved ice, the syrups give the gola its unique dual-colour look and mouthwatering flavour.

8. Kewda: 

Ice golas frequently employ the pungent and fragrant flavour of kewda. It is taken from the pandanus or kewda flower, which gives the ice gola syrup a floral and sweet flavour. Kewda-flavoured ice gola typically has a light green or yellow colour that is similar to the pandanus flower's natural colour or sometimes colourless. Ice gola aficionados love its unusual and refreshing flavour because it gives a nice variation to the classic ice gola experience.

9. Litchi: 

Ice Gola's Litchi flavour is a delicious treat with a sweet, tropical taste. It usually has a colour that is similar to the litchi fruit, either pale pink or pale red. The pleasant and fruity essence of ice gola is extracted through the use of litchi syrup or juice, which is then poured into crushed or shaved ice. Because of its unique flavour profile and cooling impact, it's a popular choice in hot weather.