Barf Ka Gola: Make This Street Style Delight At Home

Barf golas, in summers, have been ubiquitous sight on the streets. Also known as chuski, has been our savior during the extreme summers. Crushed ice combined together around a stick and dipped in different flavours used to give us utmost joy and happiness. Topped with cherries and grated coconut (sometimes), this delight used to cost Rs 2 (when was a child) and was soo good that everybody used to eagerly wait for the chuski wala bhaiya to come so that we can enjoy our barf ka gola.  

And not just children, barf gola has always been a hero amongst adults too. Served with different flavours like rose, kala khatta, pineapple, orange, mango, kacha aam and a lot more, this delight will always be special for us, no matter how many fancy ice creams we have. But have you ever tried making the street-style baraf gola at home? If not, we have something for you. You may think it is not possible to crush the ice so perfectly like the chuski wala bhaiya used to do but it is possible with the help of barf gola makers available in the market. Wanna buy one? Click the link below! 


Just to make this easy for you, here is the quick guide to making this street-style chuski at home. 

Rangeen Barf Ka Gola 


  • One big bowl of ice 
  • 3 tbsp rose syrup 
  • 3 tbsp khus syrup 
  • 3 tbsp kala khatta syrup 
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice 
  • Pinch of chaat masala 
  • Gola sticks 
  • Disposable glass 
  • One small glass to give the shape 


  • Using the ice crusher, crush the ice. Make sure that crushed ice looks like snow. You have to hurry a little as the ice might melt. 
  • Take a small glass and add the crushed ice. Press it gently so that it can fit in. 
  • Again, put in the crushed ice and now, pop in goa stick. Press the ice again so that the stick sticks to the center. 
  • Once again add the crushed ice to the top and press it well to give it a proper shape. 
  • Take out the gola and put it inside the glass. Pour lemon juice and sprinkle chaat masala on it. 
  • Then, add all the flavoured syrups one by one. Serve! 

So, when are you going to make this barf ka gola at home?