Mango Lassi & 3 Other Indian Drinks On Best Dairy Beverages List

Who would have thought that an Indian drink would top the list of ‘Best Dairy Beverages’ in the World? A list released by Taste Atlas, the Croatia-based food guide, shows that mango lassi is the best dairy-based beverage in the entire world. Among the top thousands of entries, 16 from around the world were picked for this list. 

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

Another good news is not only mango lassi, but there are other few Indian beverages that are a part of this list. Apart from India, drinks from South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Ukraine, Sweden, and Armenia among others. The origins of lassi date back to 1000 BC in the regions of Multan and Punjab in the subcontinent of India. The first description of it shows people enjoying a mix of yoghurt with honey. 

Since there were no refrigerators in those days, clay pots kept the drinks cold. Over the years, cooks experimented with flavours by adding spices, fruits, dry fruits, and herbs to the mixture. The mix of all the ingredients also enhances the richness and nutritional value of the drink. 

Here is a list of variations of lassi that are part of the list released by Taste Atlas.

Mango Lassi

Among many varieties of lassi, mango lassi, with a rating of 4.7, is made by adding fresh slices of mango to curd. The two ingredients are blended together to make a smoothie that is often topped with cardamom and dry fruits. To adjust its consistency, water can be added, and you can also add more sugar to sweeten the flavour. It is often served cold and usually in the summer season when the fruit is found in abundance in several parts of India. You can also find this variation of lassi in many restaurants and dhabas.


Lassi is in the fourth position on the list and has a rating of 4.4. It is often made by mixing yoghurt with sugar and refrigerating it for some time. Depending on the preferences, people add spices, herbs, fruits, and floral notes to it to elevate the flavour quotient. It can either be sweet or salty. Most people like to consume it with spicy dishes to balance the hotness, and it is also known to keep the body cool during heat waves. 

Sweet Lassi

Sweet lassi is a variation of lassi that is made by adding sugar to curd. It is made flavourful by adding fresh pieces of fruits, cardamom, and saffron. In the warm days of summer, it offers respite from the heat. In regions of Punjab, this variation is made in clay pots so that it remains cold and served with a thick layer of milk cream. Mango lassi is one of its variants on the first position, while sweet lassi remains on the fifth with a rating of 4.4. 

Salted Lassi

Salted lassi is a version of buttermilk in which the curd is tempered with cumin powder and salt. It can also contain other spices like black pepper powder and cinnamon powder. It has froth on the top and is usually served in a clay pot topped with fresh mint leaves. In the summer, people like to consume it with most of their meals. This variation is famous not only in the North but also South India. It is on the 12th position with a 3.7 rating on the list.