Lassi in Amritsar: Know Its History, Types and 5 Best Locations

Lassi, a popular drink from Punjab needs no introduction. The drink is celebrated for its simplicity and refreshing qualities. Made essentially with a blend of yogurt, water, and sometimes a touch of sugar or spices. No Punjabi meal is complete without a tall glass of this smooth, milky, rich malai-flavored treat. In Amritsar, Punjab, this healthy and refreshing drink can be found at every nook and corner. Not only does it taste great, but it also quenches your thirst perfectly. Let's learn more about this hearty cooler.  


Sweet Lassi: This velvety concoction is a sweet blend of flavors. Crafted from yogurt, water, and sugar, it's an indulgent treat. Sweet lassi often features fruity infusions like mango, rose, or saffron, delivering a delightful sweetness that's perfect for quenching your thirst and satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Salty Lassi: In contrast, salty lassi takes a savory turn. Made with yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt, it's a tangy and refreshing option. Some variations include spices like cumin or black salt, adding a delightful kick to this invigorating drink. Salty lassi is known for its ability to cool and rejuvenate, making it a popular choice on scorching summer days. 


Lassi, the beloved yogurt-based drink of India, has a rich history dating back centuries. Its origins can be traced to ancient Punjab, where it was crafted as a refreshing and nourishing beverage. Initially, lassi was a simple blend of yogurt and water, churned to create a cooling, probiotic-rich drink suited for the region's hot climate. Over time, variations emerged, including sweet lassi with added sugar or fruits, and salty lassi seasoned with spices like cumin. Lassi gained popularity across the Indian subcontinent and remains a cherished part of Indian cuisine, offering a delightful blend of tradition, taste, and refreshment. 

There is no better way to enjoy it than to drink a glass of this churned goodness. Here are 5 places in Amritsar where you can get the most delicious lassis. 

Gian Di Lassi 

Gian Chand Lassi, a renowned spot, holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and celebrities. It stands as one of the most time-honored lassi destinations in the region, situated in the local market. Here, you can relish a lassi that strikes the perfect balance of sweetness, boasts a pleasing thickness, and features a generous amount of malai, making it an exceptional treat. 

New Munim Di Hatti 

With its delightful, iconic ambience, New Munim Di Hatti has a distinctly Indian feel. A glass of Lassi, served ice cold, is the perfect way to beat the heat. Their lassi is filled with sweetness and thick malai, and it's a real treat. You only need one glass to be completely satisfied for the next couple of hours. 

Ahuja Milk Bhandar 

For people who live in the area, Ahuja Milk Bhandar is the best place to get lassi. Their Kesar Lassi, in particular, has become very popular, and they have stuck to the taste that made it famous from the beginning. This lassi comes in big glasses with a dollop of white butter on top. It has a great mix of sweetness and thickness and never gets too much of either. 

Kesar Da Dhaba 

Founded in 1916 by Lt. Lala Kesar Mal and his wife, Lt. Smt. Parvati, Kesar Da Dhaba in Amritsar has garnered fame for its genuine, time-honored cuisine. This place's lassi is a favourite among its customers. It has a rich and fragrant flavour, and its dense texture and newly churned homemade butter make it a great match for their thali meals. 

Bharawan Da Dhaba 

Bharawan Da Dhaba serves up some of the best lassi in the city, and you can't leave without trying some. Despite the heat, individuals of all ages may be seen cooling off with a glass of this rich lassi that has been topped with a layer of butter and cream.