Malleswaram’s New Krishna Bhavan To Shut Shop After 70 Years

The northwest neighbourhood of Malleswaram in Bengaluru, houses New Krishna Bhavan – an iconic institution known for its authentic Mangalore special offerings. The neighbourhood eatery, visited by a diverse crowd that thronged the place for its specials like green masala idli and Udupi buns, has decided to down its shutters after a 70-year long stint of serving hungry diners, to make way for a renowned jewellery chain. Started in 1954 by a Gopinath Prabhu, New Krishna Bhavan was a mirror into the culture of the city as well as championing zero-waste practices by putting them into action.

The unique culinary offerings of the restaurant, which also included button idlis, open butter masala dosa, jowar dosa and Salem sambar-vada, will be available for patrons to enjoy until 5th of December – the last operational day. Visited by a celebrated clientele that includes doctors and sportspeople, politicians and actors, long-time customers were disheartened to receive the news about the changing face of the city, which is eating up old-school institutions. As a pioneering eatery across many causes, New Krishna Bhavan was also one of the first spots to offer the famed South Indian lunch – making it an establishment that taught its hospitality counterparts by examples.

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The business, that spanned across three generations, have also had staff who have been around for as long as the eatery existed. The oldest cook who worked at the restaurant has been around for 40 years – a testament to preserving what has been passed down generations. Although there has been no update about whether the management plans on opening up in a new location, they have been busy providing assistance to their staff with finding employment opportunities in other hotels. Some of the illustrious diners at New Krishna Bhavan, or NKB – as it was known to most, included billiards and snooker champion, Pankaj Advani, actor Rajkumar and his son Raghavendra Rajkumar as well as snooker legend Arvind Savur, among others.