Mangalore Buns: Your Guide To Finding The Port City’s Iconic Food Item
Image Credit: Instagram/@baayruchi

Believe us when we say that Mangalore Buns are irresistibly delicious and fragrant! One of the Karavalli Coast’s most iconic breakfast items and tea time snacks, the mildly sweet, fluffy, deep-fried banana buns taste the best when paired with spicy coconut chutney and sambar or vegetable sagu. All-purpose flour and a lot of ripe bananas are what you primarily require to make these yummy puris that are an effortlessly popular delicacy of the Karnataka coastline. 

It is said that several years ago, a team of cooks first made these buns in the kitchens of Udupi. An integral part of the Tuluva-Mangalorean culinary landscape, Udupi cuisine is a hallmark of the state’s food culture. Other popular dishes of Udupi cuisine include Goli Bajji, Neer Dose, Uppu Huli Khara Dosa, Gashi, Kosambari, Kadubu, Kodhel and Kashi Halwa. Interestingly though, Mangalore Buns is not just eaten in the coastal region. Thanks to the darshinis, over the years this tiffin item from Kudla has built a loyal fanbase in Bengaluru too. Often enjoyed with tea or coffee, some people use finger millet and sorghum to make these puffed breads. If you do not like the accompaniments, Mangalore Buns can be eaten as is, and they will taste just perfect even then. 

While every small and big eatery in Mangaluru serves this favourite breakfast dish, we bring you a quick guide to where you can find some of the best Mangalore Buns and other South Indian breakfast items in the coastal town…

1. Indra Bhavan, Balmatta

When talking about breakfast spots in Mangaluru, one cannot miss the legendary Indra Bhavan. Established in 1952, this place is known for the quality and taste of the dishes it has been serving for the past several decades. Their homely food and simple ambience has also been a crowd-puller. Mangalore Buns are a popular item on the menu along with Goli Bajji, Uppittu Avalakki, Tuppa Dosa and Idli-Vada. They are open from 6.30 am. 

Price for two: ₹300 (approx) 

Google rating: 4.3 stars

2. Woodlands Hotel, Balmatta

Located in the heart of Mangaluru, you must make a trip to Woodlands if you are in the coastal city. Known for their classic dosas, vadas and filter coffee, it’s been a favourite place to hang out for both local folks and travellers. They have an elaborate spread of authentic dishes, with Puri Kurma, Ambade, Bonda, Cutlet and Mangalore Buns among the must try items. They start serving at as early as six in the morning.   

Price for two: ₹450 (approx) 

Google rating: 4 stars

3. Hotel Janatha Deluxe, Hampankatta

Quick service and yummy dishes mean that people head to Hotel Janatha Deluxe from seven in the morning. Their Idli-Vada, Neer Dosa and Mangalore Buns have often received good reviews. This is also the reason the restaurant is popular among South Indian food lovers in the city across age groups.  

Price for two: ₹500 (approx) 

Google rating: 4.1 stars

4. Taj Mahal Café, Kodailbail

Known to serve a scrumptious array of dishes belonging to the Konkani-Mangalorean style of cuisine, the Taj Mahal Café is one of Mangaluru’s oldest restaurants. You’ll love the Mangalore Buns they serve, but while you are there also try ghee-fried Tuppa Dosa, Jackfruit Idli, Pathrode, Biscuit Roti, Goli Bajji, jackfruit fritters and Badam Halwa. They open at 6 am.

Price for two: ₹300 (approx) 

Google rating: 3.9 stars

5. Sagar Ratna, Kodialbail

The Mangalore Buns served at Sagar Ratna have quite a fan following, so has their Neer Dosa. The place is spacious and well-maintained, and is often packed throughout the week. They open at seven in the morning.    

Price for two: ₹700 (approx) 

Rating: 4.2 stars