Malaika Arora’s ‘Pizza Party’ Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Malaika Arora

Pizza is one delicious dish that many bond over. The mere mention of this dish makes us drool. Imagine the crunchy base full of cheese and a melange of flavourful toppings, can you say no to a slice of it? I know I can’t. Despite its origins in Italy, people have come to love pizza worldwide. And with that love, came endless varieties of pizzas to pick from. From vegetable toppings and meaty varieties to those controversial ones with pineapples on top, there is simply nothing that you won’t get on top of a pizza. This is one dish that even some of our favourite celebs can’t resist. For instance, recently we saw Malaika Arora gorging on some yummy pizza!  

Well, we all know how much of a fitness enthusiast Malaika is. One can often spot her in and out of her gym and Yoga classes. Besides that, she keeps sharing snippets of her healthy meals on Instagram with her fans and followers. But every now and then, she balances it all with an occasional binge of her favourite foods. Be it a yummy dessert or a full feast of Eid like the one she had a few days back, or like her latest binge of pizza, which she just shared on Instagram. Her recent food story just shows her love for the classic Italian dish! 

In the story posted on Instagram, we see a perfect pizza on Malaika’s table. It seems like the pizza is topped with caramelised onions, mushrooms and oodles of cheese. Just beside that, you can see a green coloured drink and some baby corn as well. In the story, she wrote, “Pizza Party”. Take a look at her story here: 

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? Well, the Bollywood diva is a big-time foodie and often posts about her indulgences, but we have come to realise that she finds comfort in simple homemade food more than anything else. Earlier, she was seen relishing some Maharashtrian street food. She had posted a photo of ragda pattice. In a tray, she had arranged small bowls of imli chutney, green chutney, sev, onion and coriander leaves. Along with that, there was a bowl of ragda and tikki with some lemon wedges. “Was craving ragda pattice #homemade”, she wrote. Read about it here. A few weeks ago, she was also seen noshing on a lunch meal full of comforting foods like khichdi, papad and chilli pickle. We love how Malaika balances her diet with a bit of everything. 

As Malaika keeps posting about her culinary stories, we can't wait to see what will be next on her plate! Did her pizza party make you hungry? We’ve got some amazing pizza recipes that you can easily try at home.