World Pizza Day 2022: Is Pizza Really Italian? 3 Pizza Recipes To Celebrate The Day
Image Credit: The word pizza was first recorded in the 10th century Latin manuscript from the Southern Italian town of Gaeta in Lazio. Image: Pixabay

Let’s just agree that pizza is one of the most loved Italian dishes across the world. How can one not fall for the crispy crust, molten cheese on top coupled with spices, herbs and veggies? Not just other countries, Indians has accepted this Italian delicacy as one of our own and all the masaledaar customisations are a proof to that. From chicken tikka pizza to butter paneer pizza, Indians have done it all with the Italian treat. It is a top choice to break the monotony of dal-chawal and my personal favourite at any house party or a movie night. No wonder it enjoys a special day dedicated to it! World Pizza Day is celebrated on the 9th of February. The day celebrates pizza in all its glory, but do you know why there's a day to do so when pizza lovers like can celebrate it all year long? Read on. 

While we know that pizza is native to Italy, but before pizza came into the picture, a flatbread with toppings was consumed by people in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. As per several food historians, these loaded flatbreads were born in Naples somewhere around the sixteenth century. And while there are many exotic pizza options around today, but it is said that pizza was initially a food for the commons. The working class needed something quick and cheap, and the flatbreads with delicious toppings fitted the bill perfectly. Over the years, the dish found a couple of variations and flavours. The word pizza, in fact was first recorded in the 10th century Latin manuscript from the Southern Italian town of Gaeta in Lazio. 

Pizza eventually made it to America in 1905, when a pizzeria called Lombardi’s in New York City was granted the first mercantile license to make pizza issued in the United States. And guess what?Lombardi’s is still in business! So you know where to head to for America’s first real pizzas. 

The World Pizza Day, however, is marked on 9th February each year, to celebrate the journey of pizza. Pizza lovers across the world and popular pizzerias have been celebrating this day since 2000. Many pizzerias offer special deals and unique flavours as well to celebrate. If you too are planning to celebrate the day at home by baking a pizza, we’ve got you sorted some recipes right here. 

1. Antipasti Low Carb Pizza 

Served atop a cauliflower pizza crust that's covered in a garlic spread and loaded with delicious antipasti and fresh herbs, this low carb pizza is all you need for your mid-week indulgence.  

2. Basil, Pesto and Tomato Pizza 

Love the balanced flavour of basil and pesto? This pizza is your ultimate vegetarian option. With a cheesey mozzarella top coupled with roma tomatoes, this is a riot of flavours. 

3. Butter Chicken Pizza 

An excellent way to use up your leftover butter chicken and a unique way to make pizza without a usual base! With ready-made naan, topped with dollops of butter chicken sauce, this one is a perfect desi pizza to try at home.