Malaika Arora Celebrates 48th Birthday With Oysters, Avo Toast
Image Credit: Instagram/Malaika Arora

The fact that Malaika Arora is a foodie with inimitable style and panache is very well known by all, thanks especially to her social media posts where she proves that she loves to eat while also maintaining amazing fitness levels. Naturally then, Malaika Arora’s birthday bash can be nothing short of amazing and packed with delicacies that give us food goals. True to her form, Malaika Arora just celebrated her birthday in Dubai with her girl gang, and floored the internet with her social media posts. 

In a post on Instagram, Malaika Arora first shared a series of pictures detailing how she celebrated her 48th birthday (which was on Monday, October 23). The very first image shows Malaika Arora sitting next to a grand window with a Mimosa in hand, while a spread of delicious, fresh fruits is laid out on the table nearby. In the next picture, she can be seen enjoying a huge breakfast spread consisting of croissants, fruits, fresh fruit juices, omelettes, churros and more.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Restful Cooking

In another picture, Malaika Arora can be seen enjoying a delicious plate of Avocado Toast. Brimming with a smooth and huge topping of avocados, this toast is simply refreshing and droolworthy. The dish is paired with a fresh salad and a bowl of snap peas on the side. In a story she shared on Instagram, Malaika Arora also gave us a glimpse of a stunning, multi-layered cake prepared especially for her 48th birthday. Decorated with flowers, tuilles and even a cute little edible dog miniature, Malaika Arora described this one as “the prettiest cake”. 

While enjoying her birthday, Malaika Arora also indulged in a platter of fresh and delicious oysters, served along with lemon wedges and a dipping sauce. It is also quite evident by a series of pictures and stories that Malaika Arora enjoyed a special meal on her birthday at the world-renowned Nobu By The Beach restaurant in Dubai. Known for its impeccable Japanese food, Nobu is the brainchild of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who revolutionised sushi as a global food. While we don’t know the menu she enjoyed at this iconic place, we are sure Malaika Arora had a great time while there. 

Talking about how enjoyable her birthday in Dubai was, Malaika Arora shared quite a few thoughts on her Instagram. “As the sun sets on another year & I turn 48, ( in my favourite bathrobe ) I am grateful for the peace, my people and my calm that has been my companion throughout this journey,” she explains. “Sitting here, each moment feels like a gentle whisper, guiding me towards self-discovery and inner strength.”