Malaika Arora Celebrates Oman With Homemade Sadhya Cooked By Mom
Image Credit: Instagram/Malaika Arora

The fact that Malaika Arora is a foodie and loves bingeing on the best the world and India has to offer is well known. And while most people know her as a woman who believes in fitness through food, what many don’t know is that Malaika Arora’s roots are in Kerala—which means that this is a special time for her. The harvest festival of Onam is being celebrated by Malayalis all over the world right now, and Malaika Arora, whose mother Joyce Polycarp is from Kerala, is also engaging in the festivities.  

Every year, Malaika’s mother Joyce cooks up a traditional Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya meal for the family and friends, and this year is no exception. In a story posted by Malaika and Amrita Arora’s friend, Delnaz Daruwala, the grand Onam Sadhya spread prepared by Joyce Polycarp is clearly visible. The video shows how the Onasadhya, which is traditionally a fully vegetarian meal with gems from Kerala cuisine, has been served on banana leaves as per Malayali rituals. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Sharmis Passion

While the video is too fleeting to catch the variety of dishes on the banana leaf plate, we can clearly see traditional Onam Sadhya staples like Nendran bananas, banana chips, salt and a variety of dry dishes served alongside rice and khichdi. The presence of cups and bowls along with the banana leaf spread suggests the presence of Sambaram, a traditional buttermilk drink, and Payasam, a necessary dessert. The table can be seen adorned with fresh jasmines in a large bowl, with Joyce Polycarp standing proudly next to the feast. 

For those unaware, an Onam Sadhya meal consists of 20+ items laid out on the banana leaf from left to right. Dishes from Kerala cuisine like Pachadi, Thoran, Avial, Erissery, Pulissery, snacks and varieties of Payasam are traditionally served on the Onasadhya platter. The 10-day long Onam festival will culminate on 31 August 2023, so these last few days are critical for all Malayalis in and beyond India.  

But if you thought her mother’s sumptuous Onam Sadhya is the only treat Malaika Arora indulged in today, you’re wrong. Earlier in the day, Malaika Arora also shared another story featuring a very cheesy bagel that she indulged in. The Cheddar and Jalapeno Bagel Malaika Arora indulged in was crafted by Chef Divesh Aswani, who runs Commis Station, a popular Mumbai-based bakery and confectionary shop.