7 Tips To Keep In Mind For Perfect Ginger-Garlic Paste
Image Credit: Ginger-garlic paste | Image Credit: Istock.com

Ginger garlic paste is a staple that is found in almost every kitchen pantry. The ingredient is used in every alternate Indian cuisines. By adding ginger-garlic paste to a dish, the overall flavour is heightened to a new level. 

Commercial ginger-garlic paste is widely accessible, but its quality isn't always guaranteed. The flavour, fragrance, and nutritional value are all diminished since it loses some of the freshness of homemade ginger-garlic paste. Additionally, commercial ginger-garlic paste may include artificial taste enhancers or preservatives to extend shelf life. The natural flavour and medicinal properties of ginger-garlic paste can be compromised in this process. In addition, the processing that the ginger-garlic paste goes through as a result of mass production reduces the components' efficacy. Always create your own ginger-garlic paste at home to save yourself the hassle of purchasing it. 

When preparing ginger-garlic paste, keep in mind that the perfect ratio of ginger to garlic should be equal, which is 50:50. This contributes to achieving a balanced blend of flavours that do not overpower each other, allowing their unique profiles to stand out in the dishes. Asian stir-fries, Indian curries, and more feature ginger-garlic paste in dishes like chicken curry, vegetable curry, dal, biryani, paneer tandoori, chicken tikka masala, fish curry, and more.   

There are certain tips that need to be followed while making ginger-garlic paste. Take a look at some of the tips:  

  • Fresh Ingredients

When making ginger-garic past, keep in mind to use fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients directly impacts aroma, flavour and quality of the product. The fresh ginger and garlic has vibarnt flavour that elevates the dishes to which it is added. Fresh ginger has pungent, spicy notes which when combined with the sharp flavours of the garlic creates a blend of depth and complexity. Besides, fresh ingredients adds nutritional value to the dishes. 

  • Proper Ratio

A proper balance of ginger and garlic in the paste is of paramount importance. Too much ginger can contribute to the spiciness in the paste while excess garlic can lead to a pungent intensity. On the other hand, insufficient quantities may fail to deliver the desired depth of flavour. Sticking to a balanced ratio, that is, equal parts of ginger and garlic helps adding aroma and complexity to the dish.  

  • Peeling

Make sure before making the paste you remove any undesirable elements from ginger and garlic that could compromise on flavour and texture of the paste. Peel ginger to remove the outer tough layer which reveals the tender flesh beneath which is rich in aromatic oil and flavours. Moreover, peeling the cloves helps reveal the pungent and aromatic cloves within. Removal would result in smother paste of both ginger and garlic. 

  • Chopping

It is always important to chop the ginger and garlic finely to ensure efficient blending. Besides, proper chopping takes less time and results in achieving desired consistency. Chopping helps in releasing essential oils and flavour which add depth to the dishes it is used in. 

  • Blending  

Proper blending helps in melding the flavours of ginger and garlic harmoniously. Blending helps in breaking down the fibres in ginger and garlic, allowing the release of their essential oils and achieving their flavour profile. Blending also helps in acquiring uniform texture that eliminates the presence of any lump in the paste. 

  • Storage 

Even if you have made the accurate ginger-garlic paste, storage plays an essential role. Proper storage prevents exposure to air which can cause oxidation and deterioration of the paste. It is important to refrigerate the paste which helps in slowing down the growth of bacteria and preserve its original taste and aroma for a longer period of time.  

  • Flavouring

You can often add salt or lemon juice to enhance the flavour of the ginger-garlic paste. Moreover, ingredients like green chillies or turmeric can also be added along with ginger-garlic to enhance the flavour and also make cooking easy.