7 Indulging Lotus Seed Snacks To Satisfy Late-Night Hunger
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Lotus seeds, also known as fox nuts or makhana in Hindi, are widely consumed all across India in many ways. These seeds come from lotus pods and one pod consists of about hundreds of tiny seeds. Every seed is packed with several nutrients, including protein, fibre, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, along with vitamins B and C and antioxidants.

These seeds are consumed in many ways, from popping them into makhanas to making a fresh brew from their green flesh. Lotus seeds are known for treating several ailments, like disturbed digestion, lack of sleep, chronic diseases and oxidative stress.

Lotus seeds can be a perfect snack to consume late at night when you're feeling an urge to eat something satisfying. Try these delicious snack recipes for late nights.

The Seven Lotus Seed Snack Recipes You Should Try

1) Ghee-Roasted Makhana

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Simple ghee-roasted makhana can be a delightful hunger buster for late night cravings. This snack gives satisfactory relief from unquenchable hunger and also aids sleep. Just pan-roast some makhanas until they become crunchy. Add some salt for seasoning.

2) Lotus Seed Trail Mix

Tender lotus seeds, freshly popped out of lotus pods, can be the perfect ingredient to add to your trail mix. Combine roasted lotus seeds with other nuts, seeds and dry fruits, with a touch of chocolate chips if you like and create a nutritious snack for late at night.

3) Lotus Seed Energy Balls

Lotus seeds are a nutritious addition to protein balls. Just grind lotus seeds and mix them with other ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, honey, and nut butter. Make small balls and let them sit in the fridge. These balls can last for months if you store them in a dry place and they can be a no-cook solution for late-night hunger pangs.

4) Roasted Lotus Seeds

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Simple roasted lotus seeds are just perfect on their own. Freshly plucked seeds from pods can be directly roasted in some ghee on a pan and made into a healthy nibble to munch on when hunger calls. Season it with some salt and enjoy.

5) Makhana Kheer

A creamy dessert with the goodness of makhana and warming seasonings is a perfect bedtime treat for inducing a good night’s sleep. For this, makhanas are simmered in sweetened milk until it thickens and then flavoured with cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon. Serve it chilled or warm, as you prefer.

6) Chinese Lotus Seed Buns

Chinese Lotus Seed Buns are soft and fluffy buns, which are a Chinese speciality. These buns are made with a sweet paste made from lotus seeds. The paste is sweetened with sugar or bean paste and the buns are steamed or baked for cooking. You can try it with bread buns and fill it with sweet lotus seed paste for a quick snack.

7) Lotus Seed Mooncake

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Again featuring lotus seed sweet paste, but this time in a pastry. Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese dessert made with ground lotus seed sweet paste mixed with other ingredients like nuts or preserved fruits. The paste is filled in a pastry crust and made especially for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is incredibly easy to make with a ready-made phyllo sheet or dough sheet.

Lotus seeds can be a perfect snack to quench your hunger late at night. From salty nibbles to sweet temptations, these lotus snack recipes are delicious to enjoy anytime.