Make Your Valentine’s Day Special With These Home-Cooked Meals
Image Credit: Image- Pixabay

A day of love, affection, passion and romance, Valentine’s Day is indeed special for a lot of reasons. It is the day that love birds and couples look forward to the entire year. If you are among those romantic people, who love to surprise their beloved with something that would go straight to their heart through the stomach, here are some quick home-cooked dishes that can mesmerise your partner, while ensuring that not too much time goes into preparing the meals.

Chicken Chaap And Roti: A hot favourite with Bengalis and those who have spent their lifetime in Kolkata, this is a quick and easy dish that can be served with rotis or parathas. Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic, poppy seed paste, red chilli powder and a bit of javitri-jayphal spice and you are good to go. Keep the marinated chicken for at least six to eight hours to make the chicken tender. Fry the chicken pieces and then cook the masala used to marinate for some time before adding the chicken. You can also eat it with some peas pulao, and your quick V-Day meal is ready. 

Fish In Barbecue Sauce And Herbed Rice: If you are a fish aficionado or if your spouse is crazy about fish, try making this recipe with chunks of basa fish prepared in chilly gravy with onions and capsicums in hot chilly garlic sauce. A bowl of herbed rice made with butter, herbs and parsley makes up for an immaculate combination.

Tehari: Can you imagine making biryani within an hour? Perhaps, you can. A simpler form of biryani, called tehari, is one of the quickest rice recipes that can be made with either chicken or vegetables, including potatoes. Make sure you have Ambemohar or Gobindobhog rice for the pleasant fragrance it emits. Serve with some cucumber onion salad in curd or raita, and you would not have to worry about your V-Day lunch.

Paneer In Shashlik Sauce And Rice: For those who are all for paneer or are pure vegetarians, this simple recipe will leave you time enough to deck up in your best even after preparing a delicious meal. There is no time required for marinating the paneer, which can be done instantly with a little bit of curd, red chilli powder or chilli flakes, cumin powder and stir fried on a grilled pan. Make the sauce separately with one onion, blanched and sieved tomatoes blended and spiced up with cumin, red chilli powder, vinegar and added with butter and garam masala. You may accompany it with some herbed rice or simply butter rice for a sumptuous dinner.

Pancakes: A well-loved dish that embraces veggies, carbs and proteins, pancakes are tasty and nutritious at the same time. You may make it vegetarian with finely chopped veggies stir fried with garlic and tomato and chilli sauce or you may shred some boiled chicken for a non-vegetarian pancake variety. It is light and yet satisfying to the stomach and you can just sit and relax, as you both catch up on a romantic movie while savouring the pancakes.

Valentine’s Day is meant to shower your partner with love and affection. So, why not add a little personal, culinary touch to your celebrations with these sumptuous meals. Try them and tell us how it went!