Make Your Guests Ask For More With These 4 Finger Foods On Your New Year Party Menu

We all agree that 2021 was a year full of ups and downs. From grieving over the loss of someone very dear to finally welcoming COVID vaccines to bid adieu to widespread COVID infections, the year saw a lot of tears and laughter alike. With the year coming to an end, our hearts are full of gratitude and love. While the year is going down in history as one with all things bitter-sweet, we can’t deny the fact that it made us stronger and we are ready to bid it adieu with our hearts full.

As foodies, we know no celebration can go without indulging in some oh-so-delicious delicacies. With the new year starting in less than 24 hours now, we know you are all excited to welcome it with your loved ones. While the pandemic hasn’t allowed us to go out and party, we have all the freedom to celebrate indoors. So, to make your new year party all things delicious and fun, here are four finger foods you can add to your menu.

1. Chilli garlic potatoes

One of the easiest, tastiest and laborsaving dishes, chilli garlic potatoes are the real crowd-pleasers. Flavoured with chilli flakes and garlic, these potato bites are enough to light up your party moods.

2. Spring roll

Undoubtedly, spring rolls are one of the most loved Chinese starters across the world. Usually paired with a sweet and spicy sauce on the side, spring rolls are made with veggies or any non-vegetarian ingredient as per preferences.

3. Fish fingers

Can’t say about you, but fish fingers are the OG party food for me. Juicy from inside and crispy from outside, fish fingers are best enjoyed when paired with green chutney. Serve these delights as appetizers and watch your guests drool over them.  

4. Bali prawns

One of the favourite starters in most Indian parties, bali prawns are crispy and delicious. Seasoned and marinated prawns are coated in an egg mixture followed by crushed cornflakes and deep-fried to perfection. The prawns are delicious enough to set the party mood.

Do try adding these finger foods to your new year party menu and let us know how it impressed your guests.