Make These 5 Watermelon Based Cocktails
Image Credit: Watermelon cocktails, Pexels

Go creative with your libation-making skills. Ripe watermelon's luscious flesh makes a fantastic ingredient in all of your favourite cocktails. On any hot, warm day, you'll want to down on these luscious watermelon cocktails, whether Paloma or mimosa. Try a few unique watermelon-based adult beverages if you are thinking about sipping on refreshing drinks to soothe your soul.

 Here are 5 delicious ways to celebrate the juicy watermelon fruit, whether you're by the pool or the beach or at your balcony. 

Mimosas meet watermelon

Add some fun to your brunch time with buddies with a sparkling mimosa. To ace, the cocktail, churn baby watermelons with sugar, then filter. Once you add it to a glass with some champagne, it's time for a mimosa. Given that they are brimming with sweet nectar, sugar baby watermelons are what you want. If you choose to use a different type, pick the ripe ones. This recipe also suggests brut champagne. Dry is preferable; doux will result in an extremely sweet mimosa.

Paloma gets pally with watermelon

Watermelon with Paloma, Image Source: Pexels

One of the refreshing drinks to serve on a hot day is a Paloma. Tequila, lime, and grapefruit are the main ingredients. Add a cool tweak to Paloma by blending it with a watermelon. Voila, a cool summer beverage, is ready! These bright pink concoctions have the right amount of citrus, fruit, tartness, and sweetness. Drink this fun beverage with your buddies.

Vodka takes on watermelon

Watermelon cocktail with vodka, Image Source: Pexesl

Use vodka, watermelon juice, lime, and agave nectar, to make this easy, light drink. You can substitute simple syrup or honey for agave if you don't have any. Before mixing, it's a good idea to refrigerate your watermelon juice. So, you won't have to use a lot of ice to dilute the ideal ratios.

Watermelon rises with rum

Why is there no more rum? Here we go! This rum watermelon punch contained it at an unbeatable level. Add homemade watermelon juice, lime juice, orange juice, and white rum to this drink for flavouring. Ginger beer with a kick gives the dish a unique edge. It's best to add the ginger beer right before serving so that it doesn't get flat from lying about for excessively long.

Melony Limeade  

A melon drink, Image Source: Unspalsh

Enjoy a sweet and sour cocktail. The ingredients in limeade are ideal for balancing out the sweetness of the watermelon. It includes frozen watermelon cubes along with white rum, lime juice, and a pinch of sugar. All the ingredients are mixed, then club soda is poured on top.