4 Recipes For Watermelon Drinks To Try This Summer
Image Credit: Pixabay, From lemonades to mojitos, these watermelon drinks are your summer saviours.

Before heading out in the scorching heat for my evening workout, I always make it a habit to have fruit. In winters, it is usually apples or oranges. As soon as summers arrive, I’m super excited because I get to relish some of the freshest fruits during this time. The water content of most of these fruits helps to keep me active and hydrated even after a strenuous exercise regime. Mangoes give me my dose of sweetness during the season whereas papayas, watermelons and muskmelons level up the water content. 

Since it is just the start of the season, we want you to be prepared in advance. You might be making mango shakes quite often but what about watermelon. This high-water content fruit has several health benefits. The antioxidants prevent infections while the amino acids prevent muscle soreness and keep you energetic during excessive exertion. The bright-red coloured fruits come with a green, striped outer layer which is hard and the inside is soft and juicy. Sometimes, even the seeds of watermelon are put to good use. 

Here are some watermelon recipes that you sip during the hot months. 

1.  Watermelon Lemonade 

This simple and basic lemonade is taken a notch higher with this delicious watermelon addition. The fruity flavours of the watermelon are paired with lemon juice, sugar and Voila! Your drink is ready. 

2.  Watermelon Slush 

A slush is a cross between a juice and a smoothie. It’s thicker than juice but not as much as a smoothie. The watermelon slush involves some chopped and crushed watermelon pieces, mixed with water, lime juice and soda. Pop in the ice and enjoy. 

3.  Watermelon Mojito 

Make this watermelon mojito without any alcohol. You can skip the white rum. Toss in the watermelon juice, sugar syrup, lime juice, soda, crushed ice and mint leaves in a shaker. Muddle it all together. Add some water and some more soda and your mojito will be ready in an instant. 

4.  Watermelon Saunf Sharbat 

Sharbat is the Indian version of summer coolers. While it was not invented in India, it has stayed with us. This delicious concoction is a mix of fennel seeds, watermelon, lime juice and water. Add some ice cubes and this will do wonders for you in summers. The colourful drink gives a vibrant summer vibe.