Make Dairy-Free Pistachio Nut Milk Using An Active Blender
Image Credit: Glen India

If you’ve never tried making a batch of nut milk at home, you really are missing out on one of the few underrated joys of the experience. Between the many options of cashew milk, almond milk and oat milk that are fairly popular, making fresh pistachio milk – with its nutty flavour and pastel green colour, feels like a rich milkshake. The good thing about making your own nut milk at home is that it is a simple process that involves only a bit of advanced planning and a blender.

Glen’s 4048 Active Blender is a compact and multi-purpose kitchen appliance, that also doubles up as a bottle to store your liquids; making it the perfect choice to make your pistachio milk. The 350W motor helps making blending or grinding feel like light work, resulting in the creamiest, richest nut milk you can have, in a matter of moments. The blender is a set of two food-grade jars and two blades, that serve versatile purposes to make smoothies, chutneys, milkshakes and all kinds of dairy-free milks.

Image Credits: Everyday Health

To make pistachio milk, soak a cup of shelled pistachios overnight and drain them the next morning. Grind them in Glen’s Active Blender the next day with some hot water and strain through a cheesecloth. You could add spices and sweeteners of your choice and use the lid that comes with the blender-grinder set to bottle and refrigerate your batch of freshly made pistachio milk. Adding vanilla, cinnamon or a touch of maple syrup elevates the flavour and makes your dairy-free experience a smooth one.

The pale green pistachio milk has the aroma of a rich pastry cream and a sip of this delicious milk makes the tastebuds feel like you’re enjoying a kulfi. The best way to enjoy homemade pistachio milk is on its own, or with a plate of cookies. Add some cardamom and cashew cream to make the most delicious no-churn ice cream; the world is your oyster! You could also use it in place of whole milk to pour into your bowl of cereal or granola and even to make the most flavoursome, nutty custard for bread pudding.