Love "The Office"? Make These 5 Themed Desserts While Rewatching

The Office is one of the most popularly streamed sitcoms across the globe, even after it ended years ago. Be it the warmth of the characters, the connection between Jim and Pam, or just the comfort of watching relatable and funny characters on screen, everyone has their own reason for rewatching “The Office.”

But no matter what your reason is, you can make your binge-watching session more fun; you can themed desserts. If you are watching the series with your friends, the inspired desserts can take the watch party to a whole new level. Here are some dessert ideas that you can try to celebrate the show.

World’s Best Boss Mug Cake

Just like Michael, probably every boss thinks that they are the best boss in the world. And what’s better than a subtle sarcasm for such delusional bosses than a mug cake that has “the world’s best boss” imprinted on it? The best part about the mug cake is that you can quickly whip it up in fifteen minutes in a microwave. 

"That's What She Said" Cupcakes

“That’s what she said” is a classic “The Office” reference. It is so popular that even the people who have not even watched the sitcom are well-versed with the signature prank. While rewatching the hit sitcom, you can bake a cake of your favourite flavour and write “that’s what she said” with either chocolate sauce or using fondant to binge-watch in style.

Beetroot Cake

Do you remember  Dwight Schrute's obsession with beetroots and his beet-centric lifestyle? To celebrate the character, you can make rich beetroot cake by either using a red velvet premix or taking fresh beetroot puree. After baking a soft cake, you can layer the cake with buttercream frosting and rewatch your all-time favourite series in style.

Jim And Pam’s Fortune Cookies

Jim and Pam are probably one of the cutest couples who have ever existed, even if they are fictional characters. To celebrate their true love, you can make fortune cookies. You can get one of their quotes, like, “My kids are going to know that their parents are soulmates”, and many such mushy dialogues that must have stolen your heart.

Dundie Awards Cake

If you are planning to binge-watch “The Office” with your friends, you can make a themed cake that aligns with Michael’s favourite Dundie Awards cake. You can bake a classic vanilla cake and decorate it with vanilla icing. Using fondant or a coloured sauce, you can write “the best friend”, “the best humour”, and so on to dedicate titles to your friends.