Love Salads? Top 3 Delicious Indonesian Salads That Are Worth Trying

Indonesian cuisine shares close similarities with our Indian cuisine. A considerable amount of Indian influence can be identified in a plethora of Indonesian dishes featuring curried meat and colorful vegetables. The cuisine often demonstrates rich and complex flavours that arise from the use of piquant sauces and spices. If you look closely into Indonesian cuisine, you will come to know that many popular dishes include mainly soups and salads. Indonesian people follow a tradition of pairing their main dishes with something light and hearty for their tummy. Meals are often considered to be incomplete without a salad. Peanuts are one of the key ingredients in many Indonesian signature dishes. Every other Indonesian salad is topped off with a smooth peanut butter dressing. So are you bored of having your desi salads? Tantalize your taste buds with flavorful ingredients that are sure to keep you hooked.  Here are some salads you must try. 

1. Gado Gado

Gala galdo is a well-known Indonesian salad that is made out of blanched vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and fried tofu along with many flavorful ingredients that is served with a nutty peanut sauce dressing. It is one of the national dishes of Indonesia that is admired for its rich taste and flavours.  The name ‘Gado-gado’ means ‘mix-mix’ which mainly represents the rich medley of vegetables used.

2. Karedok 

Karedok is a raw vegetable salad that is popular throughout the country. It is traditionally made with vegetables such as long beans, cucumbers, bean sprouts, cabbage, legumes and eggplants which are wholly covered in a peanut sauce. In many parts of the country, the peanut sauce is made in separate batches which helps to retain the authenticity in flavours and taste. 

3. Rujak/Rojak 

Rujak is a mouth-watering fruit salad that is composed of fresh sliced fruits and veggies that are served with a spicy palm sugar dressing. It holds a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavours that appeases everyone's taste buds.  

Try them all and let us know your experience.