Love Non-Vegetarian Food? Try These Lesser Known Dishes
Image Credit: Nadaan Crab Masala

We have had enough of dosa and idli and now it is time to move ahead. We know that South India is much more than that. It isn’t just a one-trick pony and a lot more. South India has a plethora of food options but there are still some delicacies that are not known to the people. So, let's talk about some lesser-known non-vegetarian dishes from South India that can make you drool. Trust me, you just cannot call yourself a pro-non-veg eater before trying out these dishes. Have a look.

Kerala Karimeen fry

If you have been to Kerala even once, you know what we are talking about. Pearl-spotted fish or Karimeen is a type of fish famous in Kerala. This fish is marinated in spices and then fried on a low flame till it gets a deep red hue shade. Pearl spot is a delicious fish that has soft and flaky meat.

Prawns Kuzhambu

Tamil Nadu has given us so many gems and one of them is prawns kuzhambu. This, we can surely say, is one of the best non-vegetarian dishes you can have in the entire Southern region. Prawn’s soft meat is marinated in spices and this gives a top-notch flavour to the dish. A must-try for all prawn lovers.


Nadaan Crab Masala

Not everybody likes crab and we know that. For those who haven’t tasted crabs     yet, its meat is as soft as hard is its shell. Nadaan crab masala is a unique dish that has crab well-cooked in spices. Though it might take some time in breaking the shell and eat, it would be worth your time.

Kori Gassi

This is not your regular chicken curry but one with a Mangalorean touch. Kori Gassi hails from Karnataka and is made with grated coconut. This Mangalorean chicken curry has a large amount of red chili which brings outs its hot red colour. This dish is both spicy and tasty. Recommended to those who love spicy food.

Squid Curry

Seafood in Kerala has a good reputation across the country.  In this Kerala-style seafood curry, squid is marinated and cooked with vegetables and coconut milk. This masala-coated ring curry gives a treat to your taste buds and its aroma is just tempting. Believe me!!

Chicken Salna

Another non-veg gem from Tamil Nadu is chicken salna. Unlike other chicken gravies, this dish has watery consistency and this is what makes it different from other chicken dishes. No matter if you use fewer or more ingredients, gravy is something it is known for. Chicken salna is usually served with rice because of its watery and fragrant gravy.

Bommidayila Pulusa

This traditional fish recipe from Andhra Pradesh is a steal. This dish is all about spices and if you get that right, you have aced the dish. It gets ready in no time and could become one of your favorite fish curries. Try it yourself.

There are many other dishes as well that are still lesser known by the foodies but we have selected the best for you. Have a look at these and wonder what if we had not told you about them!!