Love Murabba? See These Murabba Varieties With Zero Haters
Image Credit: Belgiri Murabba

What comes to your mind when you think of a delectable treat preserved with spices, sugar, and fruit mostly protein-rich ones? I know right, it is nothing but our beloved murabba. Murabba has our heart for so many reasons. The fruits or even vegetables sometimes are either taken whole or cut into chunks. Then, cooked in sugar at a suitable degree just to make sure that the fruit or vegetable does not disintegrate in the syrup. This is followed by the addition of spices and essences like rose water. Served dry as well as in sugar syrup, this treat is something we just can’t say no to in winter. Isn’t it?

I have hardly seen a person who doesn’t like murabba. They might be fond of different flavours but the love for murabba remains the same. On this happy note, let us talk about some murabba varieties that are loved by all. Have a look.

Amla Murabba

Indian gooseberry or Amla has innumerable health benefits. This fruit comes with a high content of Vitamin C as well as iron. One can have this murabba either with whole amla or grated amla. No matter how you have it, it is going to taste amazing.

Cherry Murabba

Cherry was already magic and this cherry murabba could be everything you wanted to have. You won’t believe but cherry murabba tastes even better. Murabba could be stored for a long time, and this is one of the reasons why we love them.

Gajar Murabba

Carrot pickles are so amazing, but did you know that there is carrot murabba as well? Just like gajar ka halwa has been ruling our hearts for ages, gajar murabba can also do the same if given a chance. Just like amla murabba, you can either use carrot slices or grated carrots to make this delicious murabba. Find the recipe here.

Ginger Murabba

Ginger Murabba is yet another tasty and healthy variety. One can either use grated or mashed ginger to make the murabba or can make it in a form of jam. This not just tastes amazing but is a boon for your health. Tried this murabba yet?

Orange Murabba

Another murabba rich in vitamin C is orange murabba. Tasting just like orange jam, this murabba has a beautiful colour and even more health benefits. One can make this murabba either with orange pulp or with orange skin. 

Bael Murabba

Murabba of Bael or Belgiri is a delicious murabba with ample health benefits. Among its several health benefits, it is best known for curing abdominal diseases. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

Wasn’t I right that these murabba varieties have zero haters? Do let us know which of the murabba is your favourite!