Love Litchis? Make These 5 Desserts With The Tropical Fruit
Image Credit: Freepik

Most of the summer fruits are naturally sweet. Apart from keeping your body refreshed with a high water content, these fruits can also satiate your cravings for something sweet. But if you’re in the mood to make some out-of-the-box desserts, you’re at the right place. While you must have tried making desserts with mangoes, why don’t you give litchis a try?

Litchi, or lychee, is a tropical fruit that has red-coloured skin and juicy white flesh. Apart from its refreshing juice, there are many other ways of enjoying the fruit. Thanks to the natural sweetness of the fruit, litchis can be incorporated into a lot of desserts, starting from the famous panna cotta to an indulgent mousse. Read on to explore what other desserts you can make using litchis.

Litchi Panna Cotta

Litchi panna cotta is a creamy dessert that gets its sweetness from litchi with an added flavour of rosewater. You can make this dessert by extracting some litchi juice out of the fruit and mixing it with gelatin. Then, take a pan and heat some cream, sugar, and rosewater. When you see that the sugar has dissolved, you can add the gelatin mixture to the same pan. Now, you can pour it into glasses and refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

Litchi Sorbet

While you must have tried litchi ice cream, you must also give the dairy-free litchi sorbet a try. To make this frozen dessert at home, all you need to do is peel some litchis, remove their seeds, and put the pulp in a blender. Now, blend the pulp with a little sugar and some lemon juice. You can finally freeze the mixture for a few hours and then enjoy it after garnishing it with mint leaves.

Litchi And Ginger Cheesecake

The classic cheesecake is like a blank canvas waiting for you to experiment with different flavours. If you like the baked dessert, you should give litchi and ginger cheesecake a try. Just like the classic cheesecake, you’ll have to prepare a cracker crust and bake it. Then, you can make the filling by blending litchi pulp and mixing it with cream cheese, sugar, and a little ginger. Next, pour the filling on the crust and bake again. Let the litchi cheesecake chill before you eat or serve.

Litchi And Almond Cake

If you’re looking for a light dessert to pair with your evening tea or coffee, litchi and almond cake would be the perfect dessert for you. You can make this cake by making a batter by mixing almond flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder, and baking soda. You can then chop the litchi pulp into small pieces and fold it into the batter. Lastly, bake the cake to perfection, garnish with whipped cream, and relish your homemade summer dessert.

Litchi Mousse

Mousse is a classic chilled dessert that you can make in the summer season. To give the dessert a twist further, you can add the summer fruit, litchi. All you need to do is blend the litchi pulp to make a puree. You can then whisk the puree with whipped cream, powdered sugar and vanilla essence. Next, chill the mixture till the mousse is set. Lastly, you can transfer the mousse into serving glasses and enjoy the fruity flavours.