Love Kimchi? 5 Korean Breakfast Dishes To Make The Most Of It
Image Credit: Kimchi fried rice with eggs

The craze for all things Korean is a relatively new phenomenon. While most Asian cultures are intertwined with each other, there are aspects that are quite distinct from one another too. This could be in terms of rituals, traditions, and food preferences, etc. For Koreans, Kimchi holds a very important place in most meals and has gained widespread popularity across the globe too.  

For the unversed, Kimchi is a Korean side dish that is made with fermented and pickled sliced cabbages. The specialty lies in the use of a locally-grown vegetable called napa cabbage that makes it so delicious. It is said that Kimchi has existed for some 3000 years now, and the practice of fermenting vegetables began as a way of storing vegetables during cold winter months so that people do not die of starvation.  

Interestingly, this side dish can also be added to several breakfast dishes too. Here are a few recipes that you can try at home.  

1.   Kimchi Pancakes  

Also known as Kimchi Jun, these pancakes are not just a breakfast dish. They can also double as an appetiser and snack. In case you have leftover Kimchi, you can easily make these pancakes at home. All you need is water, flour and eggs. Prepare a thick pancake batter and pour it on your pan. Once cooked on both sides, stuff the Kimchi in it and wrap it up.  

2.   Kimchi Deviled Eggs  

You might know about Deviled Eggs by now - these are boiled eggs filled with a yolk and mayo-based creamy filling. Give this stuffing a hot and fiery spin with the addition of Kimchi. Mix it well and season it with all that you like. Stuff it in the hollowed out egg whites. Bite into the soft, crunchy and tangy flavour of these deviled eggs right away.  

3.   Kimchi Arancini   

What do you need for these deep-fried, crispy bites? Kimchi fried rice and lots of mozzarella cheese. Yes, you read that right. Kimchi-flavoured fried rice forms the base of the Arancini, which is then stuffed with grated mozzarella cheese. These are shaped into balls and deep-fried in hot oil. The crunchy, golden-brown texture is served hot with tomato ketchup.  

4.  Kimchi Pickled Eggs  

Pickling eggs is not a new tradition. In fact, it was once a favourite snack at bars in the US. However, the Korean idea of pickling eggs is a delightful way to spruce up salad and ramen bowls. All you need to do is add the boiled eggs to a jar full of Kimchi. Let them stay in for a while and absorb all the tangy flavours.  Post this, you can eat them as it is or top it on a breakfast rice bowl.  

 5.  Kimchi Pierogies

Pierogies, for the unversed, are stuffed dumplings made with unleavened dough. While meat and tofu are commonly stuffed in the dumplings, these Kimchi Pierogies are a must-try. Once the dough is ready, it is stuffed with Kimchi and russet potatoes. Then the dumplings are shaped with hands and steamed to perfection. They are so flavourful that they don’t require any condiment on the side.