Love Cherries? Don’t Miss On These 5 Fruit-Based Desserts
Image Credit: Unsplash

Who doesn’t like the sweet and tarty fruit, cherry? The little red-coloured fruits are not just perfect for munching in between your meals, but they also make one of the best ingredients for desserts. Be it a rich bottle filled with cherry jam or chopped pieces of fruit in the dense layers of a black forest cake, cherries make some of the most exceptional desserts.

With a sweet profile and a tarty hint, cherry is not just a versatile ingredient to make desserts, but also it adds to the nutritional value of any dish it is added to. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you must try making these desserts with cherries before the season is over and you have to wait another year to get your hands on drool-worthy desserts.

Cherry Pie

Cherry pie is one of the most popular desserts that can be made with the fruit. Since it is easy to make and offers a great taste, if you like cherries, you will love a cherry pie. All you need to do is prebake and cool your usual pie crust and make a savoury filling with pitted cherries, sugar, cornstarch, and cinnamon. You can then bake it to perfection, slice it, and serve.

Black Forest Cake

Whenever you think of black forest cake, an image with chocolate cake, vanilla icing, and chopped cherries must come to your mind. So, while making desserts with cherries, don’t forget to bake a black forest cake. After baking and cooling down a basic chocolate cake, you can mix chopped cherries with whipped cream. Then, you can layer the cake and fill the layers with the cherry cream mixture. Also, don’t forget to add cherries to the cake literally.

Cherry Cheesecake Bars

If you want to whip up a quick dessert without making a fuss and wait for an hour in the baking and cooling down process, try making cherry cheesecake bars. These no-bake desserts can be made by layering a cracker crust at the bottom of a bowl topped with a creamy cheesecake filling mixed with pitted cherries. You can refrigerate and enjoy this cooling and fruity dessert.

Cherry Chia Parfait

For people who want to indulge in a healthy dessert, cherry chia parfait will be the perfect option. This dessert combines the goodness of all the ingredients, i.e. cherries, chia seeds, and yoghurt. To make the parfait, You can presoak the chia seeds in yoghurt before making them and then layer them in a glass. Next, top it with pitted cherries, giving the seeds the flavour. Finally, you can add some honey and serve.

Cherry Sundae

A sundae is incomplete with a cherry on the top. To make your sundae more indulgent, after assembling different flavours of ice creams on a platter, you can garnish it with chopped pieces of cherries after taking their seeds out. You can also add cherry sauce, dry fruits, and chopped nuts to make it more indulgent.