Love Cheesecake? Tips To Get It Right, Every Time

There is nothing better than a soulful, tummy-filling and tempting slice of cheesecake. Just thinking about cheesecake can set the mouth to watering, isn’t it? Cheesecakes are creamy and luscious treats that are enjoyed by a million of people out there. Ever wondered where did this yummy delight come from? 

If some legends are to be believed, cheesecake dates back to 230 BC but the term ‘cheesecake’ has been here for over 2000 years. Its creation was said to be done first in ancient Greece. If some reports are to be believed, the first cheesecake might have originated on Greek island of Samos. The basic cheesecake had honey, wheat flour and cheese and was served to athletes competing in first Olympic games in 776 BC. Besides, it was even used as wedding cakes. You didn’t know this, did you?? 

We all love eating cheesecake but not all of us know how to make it. If you think that making the perfect cheesecake is hard, we have some secret tips that can help. See these tips and thank us later! 

Pay Attention To The Crust 

Crust plays a crucial role in a cheesecake. For the right crust, you can finely grind cookies, or crackers or nuts in food processor to get the perfect consistency of the crust. For better flavour, you can add herbs and even citrus peels.  

Use Full-Fat Ingredients 

It is advisable to use sour cream and regular cream cheese in cheesecake until and unless using reduced-fat or fat-free products is extremely compulsory. Adding full-fat ingredients in the cheesecake can bring the right consistency and tastes good too. 

Ingredients Should Be In Room Temperature 

This is one of the most underrated tips you can ever get. While making cheesecakes, you must take care that all the ingredients you are using should be in room temperature. Especially, the eggs and cream cheese must be in room temperature so that they can blend smoothly and don’t have a bad lumpy texture. 

Pan Greasing 

Every time? Yes, every time. Even if your pan is nonstick, you must grease the pan to avoid the batter from sticking to the edges and stretching to the sides leading to cracks.  

Using A Water Bath 

Your recipe may not call for it but water bath is an essential step. It helps the cheesecake in baking evenly and gently. Besides, the hot water steam creates a humid environment for baking the cheesecake which prevents dreaded cracks. 

Follow these tips and make the perfect cheesecake, every single time!