Homemade chips are healthier when compared with the ones you buy from the market. Homemade ones are free from preservatives and fresh which makes them a great choice for everyday snacking. Banana chips for instance, are one of the tastiest snacks that are made out of firm, starchy bananas. They are deep-fried until you get that desired crisp and crunch. After frying, they are coated in spices and masalas that gives them a burst of lip-smacking flavours. One of the advantages of making banana chips is that it requires a handful of ingredients and can be made easily without any fuss. So let's walk you through some tips and tricks that can ease out the process and help you nail the task at home.  So here are three hacks you must always remember.

1. Always fry in coconut oil

It is always recommended to fry your banana chips in coconut oil. Although, there is no compulsion in using any specific kind of oil. However, experts suggest that using coconut oil is the best choice for banana chips for authentic taste. Coconut oil helps enhance the taste and flavours of your homemade banana chips. Also, once you are done frying them, soak the chips in kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

2. Use a slicer instead of slicing with hands

Once you have peeled off the skin from the banana, slice them into pieces using a slicer. Slicer gives a better shape to your chips. It is also much easier and less time-consuming as compared to slicing them using a knife.

3. Add turmeric water while frying

During the last step of frying your banana chips in oil, add tumeric water into it. Remember to add them only when the oil has heated well. This is necessary because if you forget to add turmeric water on time while frying, you will not get the characteristic yellow colour of the chips 

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