Lone Wolf Is Revolutionising India’s Brewery Landscape

When the mercury keeps rising, all you crave is ice and chilled beverages. However, if you like alcoholic drinks, there is nothing better than a can or glass of chilled beer. Lone Wolf, crafted by Onkara Beverages and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., is India’s one-of-a-kind brand that brews beer featuring a smoothing texture, unique flavours, and fine taste. 

Atul Kumar Singh, Co-Founder and MD and Anurag K, Co-Founder and COO started the brand in 2022. In just a couple of years, Lone Wolf’’s beverages have taken over markets in Haryana, Delhi, Goa, and Chandigarh. Soon people in Karnataka, Kerala, and Rajasthan will be able to get their hands on their curated brews that promise to be a hit at any gathering. In two years, Lone Wolf has made its name among brands known for premium drinking.

Lone Wolf has a hybrid marketing approach. Along with traditional mediums to reach the targeted audience, the brand also understands the importance and power of digital media in today’s fast-pacing world. From partnering with new-age media organisations to promoting their beverages on various social media platforms, the brand is leaving no stone unturned to amplify its presence in the brewery world. 

Recently, Lone Wolf collaborated with Hindustan Times for their HT City Unwind event in March 2024. The event witnessed a large footfall of participants, of all age groups, across Delhi-NCR. Amid this, Lone Wolf’s chilled beer soon became the talk of the town as attendees enjoyed its flavours. Organised in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, HT City Unwind had popular artists like Guru Randhawa, Sagar Bhatia, and Amit Trivedi who performed and set the stage on fire. The three on-ground bars attracted most of the crowd as Lone Wolf’s refreshing beer was helping them to feel revitalised and enjoy the electrifying performances.

The brand does more such collaborations so that it can interact with its target audience, understand their demands, and make their presence felt. Such events offer festive surroundings and encourage people to explore new products and engage with brands. They offer a plethora of opportunities for breweries to discover new target audiences and chalk out a map to take the business to new heights.

When Lone Wolf partners with any organisation for such lively events, it ensures the best use of this diverse opportunity and platform. The brand representatives connect with people on a deeper level to understand them and offer them an enriching experience. Lone Wolf’s motto is to foster a sense of community among people, on a spree to explore something new, with their Alpha and Mavrick flavours.