Litti Chokha In Patna: History, Types, and 5 Must-Visit Spots
Image Credit: Unsplash/Litti Chokha

Ask a Bihari and he will tell you what litti-chokha is, would be an understatement. Rather, ask any person in this country about litti chokha and you will be a get to know how rich, diverse and scrumptious this dish is. Though Litti Chokha is a traditional dish from Bihar, it is fondly loved and enjoyed in different parts of the country too. This simple dish comprises of roasted wheat flour balls stuffed with spiced sattu and served with a flavourful mash of potatoes, roasted eggplant and spices called chokha. 

Even though every single region in Bihar offers some or the other delicacy, we just can’t disagree that Patna is the ultimate culinary destination for foodies. And believe, you can find so many places serving mouth-watering litti chokha at every nook and corner of the city. Made with locally available ingredients, Litti Chokha is a rustic and flavorful dish with deep roots in the culinary history of Bihar. It has been an integral part of the culture and traditions of the region for generations. And it remains to be a beloved dish even today. 

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History Of Litti Chokha 

Litti chokha, has always been associated with simplicity but this dish is as rich as its history. Litti Chokha can be traced back to ancient times when it was a staple food for the working class, particularly farmers and laborers in rural Bihar. Its simple nature and nutrient-rich ingredients made it an ideal choice for those who needed a filling and nutritious meal to sustain their physical labor. The dish also has cooling properties that keep workers and farmers cool during extreme summers. Also, the dish was much cheaper and easily affordable for even a certain section of people. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bihar has a diverse culinary heritage influenced by various communities and regions within the state. If some legends are to be believed, Litti Chokha has been influenced by Maithili cuisine to some extent. If some food legends are to be believed, the first mention of litti dates back to the Magadha empire. The dish later gained prominence during the era of Tantia Tope and Rani Lakshmi Bai.   

Types Of Litti Chokha 

Litti Chokha also has cultural significance in Bihar and is often prepared during festivals, weddings, and special occasions.  It is also a popular street food in the region, enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Over time, Litti Chokha has evolved, and variations of the dish can be found. Some people stuff the litti with different fillings, such as roasted eggplant, lentils, or even meat in some cases. The chokha also varies in terms of the vegetables used, but traditionally it includes roasted or mashed eggplant, tomatoes, and spices. 

Top 5 Places To Have Litti Chokha In Patna 

A plate of litti chokha does an explosion of flavours in the mouth. And trust me, once a litti chokha lover, always a litti chokha lover! Even though every Bihari household knows the true recipe to make this delicacy, there are days we just want to step out of the kitchen and explore outside. So, here are the top 5 spots in Patna where you can get the best litti chokha. 

RK Litti Shop   

Situated at Patna’s Morya Lok, this eatery is known for serving the original and classic Litti Chokha. One can see a huge crowd of people at his eatery to have the true taste of the dish. 

Jeevan Hotel 

Located near Patna’s famous Gandhi Maidan, Jeevan Hotel serves several mouth-watering dishes, and their best is Litti Chokha. When in Patna, you must visit this place at least once. 

Chourasiya Ji Ki Purani Litti Dukan    

It is one of the oldest eateries in the city situated near New Market Station Road. This eatery serves litti chokha in a traditional way with rustic setting. 

Litti Hut 

Located in Rajiv Nagar, this eatery serves delicious and crunchy litti along with a delicious chokha often served in a perfect breakfast option enjoyed by people. 

Zaika Patna Kitchen   

One of the most popular places serving litti chokha is Zaika Patna Kitchen. Situated near Shaligram Complex, this place mainly serves Bihari cuisine, and the flavour is comparable to that of the roadside stalls.