Literature Fan? Make These 5 Desserts Inspired By Jane Austen

If you are someone who prefers to be surrounded by books, immersed in pages, and probably travelling in a fictitious world, you must love literature dearly. And if you are a fan of literature, Jane Austen’s novels must appeal to you. But before you sit behind one of her masterpieces, why don’t you do it in style and read with a themed dessert?

Or, if you are planning a party for a friend who is a die-hard Jane Austen, you can prepare a themed dessert to make it the highlight of their special day. But no matter what the occasion is, this article lists some of the best desserts that you can make for yourself, your friends, or a family member to celebrate Jane Austen.

Pride And Prejudice - Fruit Tarts

Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane Austen’s best works. Be it the book or the movie adaptation, everyone is all hearts for the exciting drama. Fruit tarts will be the perfect fit for making a dessert that represents both city cottages and grand estates, depicting luxury balls. With a crispy crust, representing society with a fruity filling that depicts the person’s soft heart and personality underneath, you can bake colourful tarts.

Sense And Sensibility - Strawberry Cookies

Sense and Sensibility revolves around balancing pure love and the expectations of a society. While you read about the Dashwood sisters, you can bake strawberry cookies. With the strawberries expressing love, the hard shell of the cookies represents the barriers that come along the way. Your literary friends would simply adore you and the cookies.

Emma - Custard Pudding

Jane Austen’s Emma tells a story about a girl who has to go through the intricacies of matchmaking, which, though they look simple, are way too complex. A dessert that can symbolise Emma’s personality would be a creamy custard. While the custard pudding recipe might appear short and crisp, managing to make it without lumps and with the perfect consistency requires utmost patience.

Mansfield Park - Vanilla Cupcakes

Mansfield Park is a complex drama that tells a lot about the deep-seated beliefs of people. To represent the uniqueness of each person, you can make vanilla cupcakes that might appear to be similar from the outside but iced with different colours of frosting to celebrate their varied personalities and habits.

Persuasion - Rainbow Cake

Persuasion is a satirical love story that talks about the complex feelings of the heart and the dilemma of second chances. To perfectly represent the story, you can make a rainbow cake. The rainbow pushes you to accept love in all forms, and the softness of the cake represents the better side after a tough journey.