Liger Star Vijay Deverakonda’s Diet Plan Revealed
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

South star Vijay Deverakonda has become a household name across the country today. His new film Liger, starring alongside actor Ananya Panday is set to have a theatrical release on August 25, and his fans and followers can’t keep calm. The Arjun Reddy actor recently also made his Koffee With Karan (KWK) debut with his co-star, and spilled the beans about many things, including his food habits. 

The star indeed follows a simple diet and fitness regimen to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but he revealed how tough it was to follow the same with Ananya around. When KWK host Karan Johar asked him about his experience of working with Ananya and what he thinks of her, Vijay said that she is a complete foodie, and one cannot maintain his or her diet with her around. He further explained how his breakfast while shooting for Liger, in which he is playing the role of a boxer, used to be black coffee and five egg whites, while Ananya used to walk into the set everyday having croissants with coffee or pain au chocolat, a French pastry. Well, who else can relate with Vijay? 

But Vijay is known to be dedicated towards fitness, and follows his diet plan religiously. And if you are inspired by him already, we’ve got his diet secrets right here. 

1. Avoid Sugar 

Vijay has avoided sugar for a long time now. In an interview he revealed that the only thing he avoids is sugar, as much as possible, because it is not good for health, and he advises this to everyone.

2. Eat More Veggies 

He further said that people should add more veggies to their diet. He said that he loves veggies and tried to add them wherever possible. He believes that whatever you put in your body is what shows and how you feel.

3. Cheat Once A Week 

Vijay doesn’t believe in restricting oneself all the time or counting calories, and he too has a cheat meal once a week. He makes it a point to eat what he loves once in a while. “I eat healthy except for my biryani and Idli Dosa binges that I have. I love burgers, I love food but I make sure to eat healthy, once a week cheating is okay,” the actor revealed.

Well, that is some major diet inspiration, isn’t it? Even experts have approved of his choices, as they often advise cutting down on refined sugar, and adding more seasonal veggies since they provide a whole lot of nutritional value. What do you think about Vijay’s diet plan? Let us know.