When Sara Ali Khan And Karan Johar Couldn’t Eat At London Eatery

Planning a vacation can be as much fun as being on a vacation, especially if you are going to a different country. So, you book your tickets and make reservations well in advance, plan an itinerary for most days of your stay, bookmark tourist spots, and so on. But rarely do you think about the dining customs and practices of that country. In India, we usually walk into our favourite restaurant, ask for a table and get it in a few minutes. In some of the popular eateries, we may have to wait a little longer for a table. But hardly ever do we need a prior reservation in most restaurants. 

In London, however, it is customary to make table reservations way before visiting a restaurant. This is, perhaps, why actor Sara Ali Khan and director-producer Karan Johar were in a fix recently, when they were left reservation-less and hungry in London. However, what they did next will probably make you relate with them.

Sara shared a video on social media, describing their hilarious situation. What happened was Karan had joined her for dinner, after they made a booking for themselves at a popular restaurant. However, when they reached the place, they found out that the booking was cancelled and they did not have a reservation at all. In the video, we could hear Karan enquiring with the restaurant manager about a supposed reservation that was to happen, when the manager denies having any booking. Upon seeing Karan’s embarrassed face, Sara bursts out laughing and says, “There’s always a first time, I think he said toodles to us.”  Take a look:

And so, they had to figure out an alternative for eating out. And guess where they grabbed a meal? They had to opt for a burger at a popular fast-food chain, instead. From the video it also seems like Alia Bhatt, who is shooting in the UK, was supposed to join in too, as Karan is heard asking the manager that the booking might be by the name of Alia Bhatt for four people.

The hilarious video has definitely struck a chord with us, since it has happened so many times that we’ve resorted to burgers and fries after dreaming of a rather lavish spread. Either because of a long wait at a restaurant or simply being lazy to reserve a table. It seems like not all Bollywood celebrities are used to goof-ups, especially when it comes to food. Perhaps, we’ll remember to make and double check our table reservations when in London! What about you?