Lemon Prices Soar: 5 Summer Drinks That Can Be Made Without Lemons
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Back in the day, during summer vacations, it was a common pastime activity for me and my best friend to put up a lemonade stall in the courtyard. We would use up all the lemons in the fridge to make a jug of sub-par lemonade and ‘sell’ it to our parents for 5 Rupees. Recently, when my friend told me that “one neembu is of 10 bucks, one tiny one”, we laughed at how no child in India would even inch towards the lemons lying in the fridge, let alone think of making a jugful of lemonade. But it is turning out to be one of the worst summers India has ever witnessed. Delhi recorded a heatwave for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday, and as per experts, there is no probable respite till Thursday. At this time, it is critical to remain hydrated. Our favourite summer staple, lemon, may seem a little too precious to be used in drinks right now, but there are plenty of ways in which you can still make some lip-smacking summer drinks.

Bael Sharbat

Bael or wood apple is a fruit cultivated widely in India during the summer months. This Sharbat is more like a squash made with wood apple. Jaggery and black salt. It is a popular street food item too, make it at home with this recipe.

Sattu Sharbat

Sattu is a type of flour blend made with ground pulses and cereals. The chief component of sattu is the chickpea flour. Sattu or Sattu Powder is readily available in most grocery stores. One of the most beloved Sattu preparations is that of Sattu Ghol or Sharbat. In which, Sattu is mixed with cold water and sugar, it is supposed to be a very energetic drink, especially for those living in hot regions such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh  

Mint Chaas

Chaas is Indian buttermilk. This one is made with the goodness of mint leaves, fresh curd, ice cubes, cumin seeds and green chilli paste. You can guess what a  joyride it would be in terms of flavours.

Aam Panna

A classic cooler made with raw mangoes, jaggery, cumin and other spices. For this raw mango is first cooked on heat and then the cooked pulp is blended with jaggery and the masalas. A lovely drink you must try soon.

Mango Shake

Can’t get enough of mangoes, can we? This thick and pulpy shake made by blending mango chunks with milk and sugar has quenched our thirst since time immemorial. Top it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you are good to go.  

Try these drinks soon and let us know which ones you liked the best.