For How Long Can You Keep Leftover Food In The Fridge?
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'Your food is in the fridge, heat it properly before eating', 'I don't get enough time, so I prepare extra food and keep it in the fridge.' These lines have become common in almost every household in today's hectic life does not allow you to have fresh food daily. Sometimes the lunch is prepared at night, and the dinner is made and kept in the refrigerator during the day. Do you often keep the leftover food in the fridge? We know that it helps prevent wastage, but sometimes it can also be harmful to health. Today, let us learn how long the stale food remains safe in the fridge.

Don't store the dough or roti for long

We often knead the flour dough at night and keep it in the fridge. Likewise, we usually make roti and keep it in the refrigerator at night, but do you know this time-saving habit affects health? Stale roti or roti made from stale flour (dough) causes stomach ache and constipation. Also, eating leftover roti, i.e. kept for 2 to 3 days, can weaken the immune system.

Fruits and vegetables

Similarly, do not leave cut fruit in the fridge for a long time. If you have already kept them, then eat them within seven to eight hours because the chances of spoilage are high after that. Cover the cooked vegetables as much as possible and keep them in a steel vessel or an airtight container.

Avoid keeping raw and cooked food together

If you also put raw and cooked food on the same shelf of the fridge, then you are making a mistake. By keeping these two on the same rack, there is a chance of bacteria growth in the refrigerator, spoiling food quickly. Therefore, keep raw and cooked food on separate shelves in the fridge.

Don't store rice for more than two days

Often we store leftover rice in the fridge to be eaten the very next day. If you want the rice to be eaten before it spoils, do not keep it in the refrigerator for more than two days. If you have kept more than that, then do not eat it at all.

Avoid keeping lentils for more than two days

Everyone eats pulses for protein, and we often put the leftovers directly in the fridge so that it does not spoil and can be used again. But do you must eating leftover lentils, i.e. after two days is not suitable for health.

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