It often happens when we tend to forget that there is a vessel of milk sitting in our fridge. The outcome is sour or curdled milk. We know your mind straight goes to making paneer, but let us tell you that it's not the only way to use curdled milk. There are myriads of ways to use from applying it to your face for smooth skin to using it for gardening. However, as we are a group of foodies, it’s fair for us to discuss food alone. So, below are six ways in which you can use sour and curdled milk.

1. Baking

If you have sour milk sitting in your fridge for longer than required, use it in place of sour cream or yogurt. The sourness is similar to that of sour cream or yogurt and the milk will be in use instead of making its way to the dustbin.

2. Yogurt

One of the easiest ways to use sour milk is to make yogurt out of it. Keep the curdled milk overnight and you’ll end up with fresh yogurt in the morning. You can also add fruits and nuts of your choice to make a filling and healthy breakfast with it.

3. Tenderize Meat

You can either use sour milk in place of buttermilk to marinate meat or soak it in sour milk before cooking to tenderize it. This will make your chicken tender, soft and succulent and will also pack in flavours.

4. Potato Bakes

Add a small amount of soul milk to give a cheesy and creamy texture to your potato bakes. You can then top the bake with a generous amount of cheese to enhance the texture.

5. Pakodas

Believe it or not, sour milk plays a great role in enhancing the texture of your regular foods. Add some sour milk to your pakora batter and deep-fry them to perfection. The sour milk will give it a crispier texture and will also add a zing to the flavours.

6. Make Desserts

We know your desi mind came straight to desserts when we mentioned curdled milk. After all, the number of desserts to make with curdled milk is truly endless. You can make chhena out of curdled milk and incorporate it into numerous desserts starting from kalakand to milk barfi and milk cake.

We hope we have sorted your job to use curdled milk now and you won’t have to throw it away anymore. Do try these hacks out and let us how they turned out.