Kulfi To Raita: 6 Interesting Ways To Have Jamun In Summer
Image Credit: Foodolaza/Instagram (Jamun Kulfi)

It is no lie that mango is an ultimate summer fruit we all want to enjoy. It can show heaven with every single bite and has the potential to touch not just the heart but soul. It might be hard for you to believe but mango is not the only fruit that brings joy in summer. We are talking about, yet another summer fruit known for its sour, sweet and astringent flavour with bright purple colour. It is the Jamun

I don’t know about you, but Jamun is associated with some special memories from my childhood. I remember my father bringing a whole lot of jamuns twice a week and enjoying it with some ‘kala namak’ on the top. And if this wasn’t enough, he used to make a fine powder of jamun seeds and consume them as a medicine for diabetes. This little fruit is power packed with so many health benefits that we can’t even imagine.  

Jamun is a powerhouse of vitamin B1, B2, B6, B3, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It can be an immunity booster and can prevent heart diseases, arthritis, asthma as well as cancer. It can also promote better digestion and prevents constipation. Moreover, it is an effective remedy for diabetes. Who knew that this little fruit could do so much? Since summer is the only time to enjoy jamun, why don’t we do it to the fullest??  

So, here are 6 interesting ways in which you can enjoy Jamun this season! 

Jamun Raita 

Wait, what? Is there really a thing called Jamun raita? Yes, this seasonal raita has a unique taste and colour. This raita is not just delicious but healthy. To make this nutritious raita, you need a bowl full of curd and chopped jamuns. Add the jamuns to the curd along with some cumin powder and black salt. This raita can go well with your chapatis, pulao etc. 

Jamun Kulfi 

Summers and kulfis go hand-in-hand, isn’t it? Among the so many kulfis that you have tried, jamun kulfi is something that shouldn’t be missed. This kulfi has a vibrant colour and flavour slightly different from many other common flavours. Here is the recipe: 

Video credits: Heena Narendra/ Youtube

Jamun Masala Soda 

Masala Soda is something that protects us from the heat's wrath, isn’t it?? Easily available at every nook and corner of an Indian street especially in summers, masala soda is humble and cooling. But have you ever tried jamun masala soda? It is a perfect cooler for summer. All you need to do is grab some jamun pulp, chaat masala, lemon juice and soda to make this soothing concoction. 

Jamun Juice 

If you are someone who is trying really hard to shed those extra kilos, you need to try jamun juice. Jamun is a fruit which is low in calories and high in fiber. Because of its fiber content, it can keep stomach full for a longer time and can keep unwanted hunger alarms at bay. Besides, jamun juice could is also helpful for diabetics. 

Jamun Jam 

Jamun is one such fruit that we get to relish only in summer so why don’t we conserve it for the rest of the months? And the best way to conserve this fruit is to make jam out of it. To make this sweet and sour jam, you first need to make sugar syrup with 2-string consistency. Then, add liquid glucose, jamun pulp to it along with cinnamon powder and clove powder accordingly. Cook until the desired consistency is achieved, and you are done! 

Jamun Salad 

Another interesting rather healthy way to have jamun is in the form of salad. One can have a delicious salad using jamun, mango, cucumber, papaya and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. When tossed with a little black salt, this salad makes for a tasty and wholesome meal. 

So, here is your chance to enjoy jamun to the fullest!