Kriti Sanon Reveals Her Favourite Street Food And More
Image Credit: Kriti Sanon/Instagram, The actor reveals her love for this street food.

With many upcoming projects in 2023, Kriti Sanon has been showered with immense love for her performance in Mimi and received several accolades too. Behind all the glitz and glamour is a simple Delhi girl who simply wants to eat her favourite foods, whether on set or at home. What are they? She reveals this in an AMA session.

The actor recently took to her Instagram stories to connect with her fans. Since she was busy shooting, she decided to let her fans ask her fun questions about her choices and preferences. One of the fans asked her to pick between pani puri and vada pav, and she instantly responded with the former option. She said, "Always pani puri," and expressed how she used to call it golgappe back in Delhi.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Kriti Sanon

The fun part was that she ended up craving pani puri after posting this, and then the last video of her AMA session was that of Kriti eating a plate full of pani puris. Yes, that’s right. She couldn’t resist the urge to dig into the crunchy fried balls, stuffed with a boiled potato filling, mint-coriander water, and tamarind chutney. Moreover, she went on to say, "Cheers to you guys" and wrote, "Was lovely chatting with you all. I blame these calories on you guys!"

The actor also revealed how she loves bingeing on South Indian food from a small eatery called Muthuswamy during shoots. She absolutely adores the food they serve and orders quite often from there, particularly during brand shoots.