Kriti Sanon Enjoys A Scrumptious Burger, Courtesy Rhea Kapoor
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Actor Kriti Sanon is known for her candidness and a physique that can make anyone envious. The Delhi girl has fans swooning over her beauty and petite frame, but did you know that despite being that fit, Kriti is a foodie at heart? The actor, who is all set to impress the audience with her next film Bhediya alongside Varun Dhawan, is a big-time foodie and has never shied away from expressing her love for eating. Even during Diwali, Kriti was digging into loads of sweets and savouries, which she later tried to balance out by eating healthy, or pretending to eat healthy. Read all about it here

Her love for food was also seen at Lakme Fashion Week 2022, when Kriti was walking the ramp for designers Shantanu and Nikhil. In a BTS video shared on Instagram, Kriti could be seen chomping on a yummy burger while getting her hair done. Read more about it here. And now it seems, burger is Kriti’s favourite snack as she was once again seen noshing upon the delicious treat.  

Taking to her Instagram stories, Kriti shared a picture of a lip-smacking burger, which appeared to have a fried chicken patty stuffed in between two buns with seeds atop. Can you guess who treated Kriti with that absolutely delicious burger? None other than Rhea Kapoor. The producer is known for her culinary skills among her colleagues and close friends, and loves to treat people with her scrumptious experiments in the kitchen. No wonder Kriti loved the burger, as she wrote ‘You are the bestestttt!!’, on the picture while tagging Rhea. Take a look: 

The burger sure looks drool-worthy, and upon going through Rhea’s culinary marvels on her profile, we found a picture of the same burger posted with a caption, in which Rhea revealed what was in it – a spicy chicken burger with jalapeno slaw. Rhea created this in-between Diwali parties for ‘maximum crunch and flavour’, she wrote. Interesting, isn’t it? Seems like Rhea is ready to don a professional chef’s hat, what do you think? Meanwhile, if you have started to crave a yummy burger, we’ve got some recipes right here