Here Are Kourtney Kardashian's Favourite Pregnancy Snacks
Image Credit: Here is what Kourtney likes to eat

There is a running joke on the internet that Kourtney Kardashian has been pregnant forever. Well, it might be a long pregnancy in the public eye, but she is in her third trimester. The oldest Kardashian sister, who is having her first child with husband Travis Barker, is a mother of three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. She is a well-known health enthusiast and keeps sharing her daily meals on her social media accounts.

Soon-to-be mommy Kourtney recently shared her favourite snacks that she is relishing during her pregnancy. According to Poosh, her own health, lifestyle, and wellness site, Kourtney is enjoying this phase in her life, and her food choices have been a mix of both indulgent and healthy. Her top favourite is organic mango fruit bars. Completely vegan and made with one single ingredient—the best-quality mangoes—this is a snack that she relies upon for her sweet cravings. She grabs these bars on the go and eats them while travelling, too.

Next on the list is something that might sound a little weird for a snack, but Kourt definitely loves it. She is bingeing on organic cottage cheese, and she says she tried it out as it went viral on the internet. The reality TV star dips her cheddar popcorn into the whole milk cottage cheese and enjoys the combination as a quick snack. Well, as weird as the combination sounds, Kourtney surely loves it.

Roasted seaweed snacks are the next quick snack item on her list. A great source of vitamin B12, Kourtney makes sure her diet is as healthy as it is tasty. She actually makes these seaweed snacks into a whole meal by eating them with avocado toast made with sourdough bread. She also adds a peach or plum to the spread and enjoys everything for a wholesome lunch.

The last thing on her list is organic pineapple rings with chilli and salt. Pregnancy cravings are usually inclined towards a little tangy and spicy flavour, and the same is happening with Kourtney.  She prefers having the pineapple rings all spiced up with chilli instead of having plain ones. She also likes fresh fruit jerky, which she says is " just fruit on a stick”.

Kourtney’s preferred snacks are not just delicious; they are very healthy for her as well as her baby. Most of what she eats is organic, with no preservatives, as she is very particular about eating right. While all of these are great options for pregnant people, anyone can actually try out these delicious snacks. Fruit bars to cottage cheese to spiced pineapple rings—Kourtney sure has gotten her snacking basket full!