Kourtney Kardashian Welcomes The Weekend With Delish Treats
Image Credit: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram, The TV star loves pasta and other Italian treats.

It is interesting to note how the life of a family became the interest of many on social media, and that made the Kardashians a reality television show. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to launching their own businesses, the Kardashians have done it all. But what’s more fascinating about them are their food habits. Kourtney Kardashian is one such foodie from the family who cannot resist the sight of good food.

Recently, the businesswoman and socialite took to her Instagram stories to give a sneak peek into her nibbles. We saw glimpses of a bowl full of fries, loaded with a red-hot sauce. The crispy fries had a garnishing of spring onions and looked very enticing. Following this, there were a couple of stories after which we saw Kourtney’s favourite dish - pasta. The pasta had a mix of penne and farfalle, tossed in asparagus leaves, and drizzled with some lemon juice. This looked absolutely delicious.


However, this isn’t the first time that she’s having pasta. For those unaware, Kourtney recently got married and her wedding feast featured numerous delicacies, including pasta. In fact, the pasta served at her wedding received a lot of media attention. At the Italy wedding of the TV star with Travis Barker, arrabiata spaghetti was prepared live at the food counter and served hot to the guests. What was interesting was the small portion size of the pasta served to each guest which was merely a spoonful.

Nevertheless, the pasta looked lip-smacking to the core and we aren’t surprised because it was Kourtney’s wedding. Another thing that the 43-year-old reality TV star swears by is gelato. While in Italy, she couldn’t stop gorging on gelato. However, most Kardashian siblings are also into fitness and try to eat clean by following a healthy diet and working out regularly.