Kim Kardashian Has Found The Best Pasta In The World
Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram, It was a creamy pasta for Kim.

Apart from her gorgeous looks and jaw-dropping fashion sense, if there’s anything that one knows about Kim Kardashian, it is that she is a hard-core foodie. While her fitness and diet regimes are often the talk of the town, the 41-year-old model enjoys a tasty treat once in a while. Just like this plate of drool-worthy pasta that she shared last night. 

Kim took to her Instagram stories to share an image of her dinner yesterday and it was a plateful of pasta. The successful businesswoman is a lover of Italian food and this pasta was deemed as “the best pasta in the world” by her. Her dinner comprised of stuffed ravioli covered in a creamy white sauce. There were hints of black pepper sprinkled on the ravioli along with a few other seasonings. 

While the dish looked absolutely delish, Kim captioned it saying, “Last Night. Best Pasta In The World #GiorgioBaldi”. The model cum entrepreneur mentions that she’s having pasta from a popular Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Giorgio Baldi is a luxury dining space that does a variety of pastas as well as wines. With a beautiful view of the ocean, the place also serves some of the best seafood in town. 

According to an international media publication, Kim was on a dinner date with her sister, Khloe Kardashian last night at this Italian spot. While we don’t know what else was on the menu, Kim surely found the best pasta in the world and was elated. This isn’t the first time that Kim has shared glimpses of her indulgences. In the past too, the American socialite has given her followers a sneak peek into her chicken salad or healthy chia pudding. 

While this was a cheat meal, Kim is very particular about her diet and follows a healthy workout regime along with it too. She prefers to keep a track of her daily calorie count and include green leafy vegetables as well as proteins to keep her active through the day. Although she’s fond of desserts, she tries to limit her intake of sugary foods, as per a report by a media publication.