Korean Egg Bread: This Street Snack Is Made With Cake Batter
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Korean egg bread

Eggs for breakfast are quite popular in most cultures. While the English like to have runny poached eggs and the Indians enjoy their masala omelette, the Koreans are a huge fan of eggs too. And not just for breakfast, eggs feature in their street food as well, like this Korean egg bread. Korean egg bread isn’t any ordinary bread dipped in eggs or a slice with a hole filled with eggs. This bread is closer to thick and fluffy pancakes. The oval-shaped bread is stuffed with eggs inside and packed together like a sandwich. It is so soft and fluffy that it literally melts in the mouth. For an eggetarian, this egg bread is a delicious cross between an egg sandwich and pancake. 

Koreans really enjoy eggs at any given time of the day. From a breakfast dish to a lunchbox meal or a quick snack, eggs are so versatile that they can be a part of any meal. Interestingly, eggs are valued in most Asian cultures. For instance, Chinese consider eggs to be really auspicious and they have a tradition of preserving eggs which leads to black eggs called century eggs. Mixed with quicklime, salt and clay, these eggs are known for their longevity and hence, the name has been given. 

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Do you want to try the Korean egg bread today? Here’s a detailed recipe.