Korean Chef Narrates Kimchi Recipe In Hindi, Impresses Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Let’s just agree that Korean culture has struck a chord with people across the world. Be it K-pop music, K-drama, or Korean food, the ‘Korean wave’ seems to have rubbed off on many. It basically refers to the increasing global popularity of South Korean culture. Food, particularly, has garnered a lot of attention. Korean dishes like Kimbap, and Kimchi are gaining popularity among foodies around the world. 

So naturally, you’ll find a whole lot of Korean restaurants in almost every city now. Then we have the internet loaded with videos demonstrating how to make Kimchi, Kimbap, and Tteok-bokki, etc., at home. And so when one such video of a Korean chef narrating a recipe in Hindi emerged on the internet, netizens were amused.  

Kim Jiyeol, who currently resides and works in New Delhi, shared a recipe video on YouTube, where he is teaching how to make spring onion kimchi. But what makes it yet more interesting is the fact that Chef Kim narrates the whole cooking process in Hindi. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

Impressive, isn’t it? In this particular video of spring onion kimchi, Chef Kim starts with narrating in the background, “Main ajj hara pyaaz Kimchi banana ja raha hu (today, I am going to make spring onion Kimchi).” He further goes on to explain the whole process in proper Hindi. The video has definitely left many desi internet users surprised and impressed. It has garnered more than 66k views and thousands of comments.  

Many people were simply impressed by the sheer effort the chef had put in to reach out to a larger Indian audience by choosing to speak Hindi. “Just want to really appreciate all the videos you do and also so much effort you put in speaking in Hindi to reach a bigger audience! Thank you and kudos to you!,” read a comment. “Cuteeee and awesomeee,” read another comment. 

And that’s not all. If you scroll through his profile, you’ll find that Chef Kim has shared multiple other recipes and narrated them in Hindi. Isn’t that impressive? 

What are your thoughts on Chef Kim’s recipe videos? Let us know. And if you are inspired by him, and hoping to make some Korean dishes at home, we’ve got you covered with some more Korean recipes right here.